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  1. Maine Outdoor Grow

    Maine Outdoor Grow

    Started from seed 3/28 under LED. 2 Feminized AK and some other freebies I had from a planned indoor grow (its going to be a bitch up here). I ended up ditching the 3 unsexed when some clones became available, which are the smaller plants in the later pics. One each of Grape Dog/GMO, Orange Peel Ghash, and Gorilla Glue/Night Terror. The AKs went outside the 2nd week of May, the clones about a month ago now. I'm 6'2" for height reference.

    20 gal Fabric pots w/ organic soil, promix, perlite mix. FF Trio and FF soluble trio for flower. Neem oil for pests though that has been minimal so far.

    This is my 2nd grow so any tips would be greatly appreciated. I know I'm in for a bear of a time preventing bud rot on the AK at 43.7 lat but they're looking beautiful so I will try!

    I've topped the AKs 3 times, maybe going for another if I can get them under a screen. While I'm in a legal state you'd be able to see 8 footers from the road

    Few days behind on pictures but its been pouring for 2 days. I'll get a shot of the new enclosure and scrog attempt for the AKs soon!

    I appreciate tips/help on any glaring mistakes I'm making!

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