Maine holds up legal sales past Feb.

Discussion in 'Legalization and Activism' started by roccus, Sep 13, 2017.

  1. While they figure out the best way to get the most tax money from us for legal recreational use. Originally legal sale was to begin in Feb. 2018, this was the second time they delayed sales as legal sales was supposed to begin in June or July 2017, then moved it to Feb. 2018, now working on a 4th delay not yet announce past Feb. 2018. Thing is Maine gov supported by cops and repubs, do not want to legalize it but the state dems are licking their chops at the tax revenue it will generate they love the idea of having a whole new source of money to spend at their will but the problem they are having is how to get the most $$$ out of us. They know if they go to high on taxes people will just buy from growers and they will loose all that tax revenue.

    I have a feeling they will also want to address recreational growers. Right now we can have up to 6 plants in flower but I think they will end up even to grow those 6 plants we will need to have a license or permit for a yearly fee, this will give them extra revenue as well as be able to keep track who is growing.
  2. So state capitol passed a bill for sale of pot with a 10% tax and sent it to the governor.... he vetoed it so the state capitol says they will uphold the veto as they say they can not get a new bill done by Feb. It has been a year since we the people of the state of Maine voted to legalize pot but it is clear the state gov is going against the will of the people... some call this type of action against the will of the people tyranny, I call it dictatorship our votes no longer count the gov at the fed and local level do as they please not what we the people please
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  3. Vote the bastards OUT !!! Keep on your state reps and call the news when they misreport. Keep asking questions. Get LOUD !!! It's the only way things change.
    As little as I like the demmocommie governor of California ( Moon Beam Jerry Brown) he didn't try and hold up the recreational legalization and it's well on track for the first of Jan 2018 any adult in the state will be able to purchase cannabis openly.
    Been legal since 1996 here for medical or anybody with half a brain.
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  4. It has been legal here for medical use now for a few years and it is now legal posses and to grow up to 6 plants in flower and unlimited in veg state.... what they are holding up is recreational sales from licensed distributors and how many licenses they will issue.. it is looking like anyone who wants to get a license to sell recreational is going to have to pay up the ass for the license, jump through hoops, and beg and bark like a dog to get one...

    If your in CA how's the voting them out going for you??
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