main things need for hydro grow?

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  1. Will just having moving water 24/7 on the roots be enough?
  2. I don't do hydro but am sure there is a lot more to it than just having moving water on the roots 24/7 mate.. Do some digging an see what you come up with
  3. the main thing is oxygen to the roots which will keep the plant alive
    if u keep the water flowing the u will need a waterfall of some sort to add dissolved oxygen
  4. Not to be rude but if you are honestly asking this question and have others like it do not do hydro right now, u will fuck it up

    If these are your questions, ur skill level and knowledge of growing is not where it needs to be.

    Spend the next, at least 2 weeks or so, reading everything u can about hydro set ups, ph, nute deficiencies, and about 25 other things buddy

    It will save u LOTA time in the near future, trust me
  5. Hydro isn't terribly complicated. Not just 'moving' water, but fortified water that has air mixed in, so a simple bubbler in a bucket of fortified water. Fortifiy the water with the proper nutrients (a very dilute version of fertilizer) and change them out regularly.

    I started a hydro grow a month ago in a set up called Emily's Garden, and have had huge success in going from seed thru vegetative growth. (I replaced the nutrient solutions that were included with a 2 part higher grade set of solutions) Not to mention the salad greens that I'm already harvesting! Its not the cheapest way to go, but it gives you a quick start to learning. I was honestly shocked that cheap and easy hydro set ups are available at local stores.

    I'm about ready to get a second set up so I have flowering and growing at the same time.

    Submitted for your approval,
  6. I know there's more to it like nutes, lights, ect ect. But I just want to know the bare minimum to grow hydro. Srry I was madddd high wen I posted this thread lol
  7. It all depends on what type of hydro you are going to do.

    DWC? ... Ebb & Flow? ...Ide suggest DWC with the little knowledge you have.

    Your bare essentials would be the following.

    * Bucket ( 3.5 or 5 gallon ) - Black if possible.
    * Proper Water.
    * 6 Inch Net Pot
    * Oxystone - like ones used for aquariums.
    * Water Pump
    * Tubing for the water pump/oxystone
    * Nutrients ( Reccomend Flora series - Micro, Grow, Bloom)
    * Rockwool Cube to start seedling
    * Hydroton or stones to fill netpot.

    HTGSUPPLY sells a "Bubble Boy Kit" comes with everything you need to grow a single plant. For only 30 dollars. They also have a 4 site hydro kit for around the same price.

    HTG Supply - Bubble Boy Single Shot | Deep Water Culture | Hydroponic System

    Then buy the 3 part nutrients, small bottles for only like 25 dollars.
  8. Hempy buckets are an easy form of hydro that costs under $5 and has no moving parts.
  9. Thanks ill be doing more research. All I need now is an airstone (or watever its called) net pots some type of mediem and the nutrients.

    Is there a method or is it possible to grow straight from a light proff bucket filled with water and just have air stones active 24/7 changed regularly with nuts or watever and have the plant held with net pot ?

  10. I have to agree with this /\ /\...
  11. Organic SIP...

    ...that is all.


  12. the plant held with the net pot, as in no hydroton or stones?

    Well the problem i see there is that light would penetrate through the netpot down into your res that has your roots in it. Which is a no no.
  13. Ya man I gotta agree not trying to be a dick at all but you really should just use a time release fertilizer potting mix until you have a bit more knowledge of hydro. I've read for hundreds of hours and watched 50-100 hours of DWC vids on youtube and don't know as much as I'd like to know about hydro. I just got luck that they rooted and are healthy. I should have just gone with a soil-less mix for my first grow and done much more research.
  14. No. Hydroton or stone will be present and Itll be a light proof container. I know roots don't like lights.
  15. Can i ask why your choosing hydro over the much easier soil setup?

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