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  1. OK, so disaster struck today. I went to tighten down the two mains a bit more, everything looked good and then one of the mains broke! Not 100% through but about 90% I immediately took off the soft ties and taped it up, the leaves are already dying as expected.

    I know that these things can heal and in fact like humans the plants form "scar tissue" at the break and it can heal as strong or stronger than before (like a broken bone for us). But, this is going to be one of the two main supports for my manifold system, will it ever be strong enough now to do that? Once it heals will I be able to bend it properly (or at all) to do a mainline with this plant?
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    If it’s 90%, don’t waste your time.

    Since you do not have nodes that haven’t been stripped below the break, the next best, 100% workable, mainlining solution: clip off that main where it started (don’t cut off fan leaf), untie other main, straighten it vertically, and start again by growing out 2 new mains from that.

    This will save you time, given how young this plant is. You will get to 12:12 quicker than completely starting over; and, even if you could rejoin the broken part, the other main will have grown much bigger and you wont have a true mainline.

    Btw, if you think that plant will be too high from “ground”, you can replant or add soil for as many inches you want, roots will form on newly submerged stem.
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  3. White Widows - 12:12 today; led 100% on all channels; drawing down veg nutes, will swap to flowering nutes next week.



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  4. Follow some growers running a mainline through the journals it will help you.
    Good person to talk to about mainlining is @Cola Grande he has really helped me along the way.
    I'm mainlining in a DWC with 3 ladies right now. This is my first grow also every cut is scary!!!
  5. image.jpeg image.jpeg
    Some more bud porn from my Strawberry Coughs the pistils just started changing colors last night!! Man I can't air day 33 of 12/12
  6. Sweet!

    Now is the time to start watching for airflow/humidity/pm problems.
  7. Humidity rocking between 40-50%
    Ladies drinking almost a half gallon a day. Ph drift is .2 +- from 5.8
  8. From 3 weeks on, i find powdery mildew risk rockets. That humidity level is no protection, it is measuring humidity at the sensor, not between leaf layers.

    Make sure, as best you can, that you have good cross circulation and negative growspace pressure. Look for powdery mildew daily, once it gets started it grows exponentially.
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  9. I have a thermometer/hygrometer in my canopy at least the remote sensor is located in the actual leaves. I keep my acurite thermometer outside the canopy at the top of canopy level. Temp from the accurite and humidity from the sensor in my canopy. I never really thought about negative pressure, but have always kept my exhaust sucking in my tent a bit more for my exhale bags and sucking CO2 up through the canopy
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    C99’s: got a haircut and went vertical a few days ago.


    Hoping to go 12:12 in about a week (when tops are about an inch below bottom of back, right bar).
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  11. White Widows: end of week 1, girl parts appearing

    246F0902-FCE1-41AA-9DBE-B381546C201D.jpeg 0A9183A0-EACF-475C-B9A9-7A492F31A46D.jpeg D6E5E2EA-53B9-4174-83FE-6A1B65369075.jpeg
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    If you’re interested in timeframes for mainlining, thru 12:12, with and without cloning, here ya go.

    Won’t bother you with details, but for this grow’s ww (seed started) and c99 (clones) 8main mainlines; running 1200w led (seed started), 1000w led (clones), both at 18:6 after transplanting to net cup thru 12:12:

    Seed in RR to Net Cup - 5 days each strain

    Cloning time - 23 days total, consisting of 11 days to grow out mains 3 nodes long, 12 days to root clones

    Net cup to 1st topping - 28 days for seed started plants, 26 days for clones.

    1st topping to 12:12 - 48 days for seed started plant, 38 days for clones.

    Overall, clones took 92 days seed to 12:12, seed started plants took 81 days. The extra 23 days to prepare and make clones, was partially offset (by about half) by accellerated later growth rate of clones, making total overall time difference of 11 days.
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    C99s: Going 12:12 today (right plant 13”), major defoliation done, swapping nutes later today.

    AFC3E7F6-7AC8-4606-B4BD-5DE4D2A9376A.jpeg 0E807DC5-107C-4F76-92CA-7F396F37A940.jpeg
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  14. How they lookin?
  15. Just getting ready for pics will post some today!! Found a bud growing on a fan of my sour lemon, bonus!! Lol
  16. Funny shit! Lookin forward to see the pics. Week 5?
  17. Week 7 getting close to starting to flush!! I should have one more big swell at week 9. I'm switching this week to a modified version of GH late bloom schedule for pro series, except kicking in the Koolbloom at 3x's strength from their chart.
  18. I'm probably going to end up harvesting the two coughs before the lemon

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