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Main- lining

Discussion in 'Plant Training' started by Em8023, Oct 3, 2013.

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    Thanks, i will.

    Last grow, in the 2x3' cab was over 1lb dry: one 8-main plant, one 16-main plant, and three small mainlines that got out conpeted; all in a single 20-gal res under a Kind 750w led. See post 45 in this thread.

    Last grow, in a 2x3' tent was over 1/2lb, dry: four 8-main plants, each in 4-gal buckets, under a Kind 450w led. See post 62 in this thread.
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    One of my previously out of control tent girls. Mains are actually 8-10" taller than seen here, but i have swirled them - pulled the tops down, let them grow out, trained them laterally around in a curve mimicking circular training wire below. Strain is Vortex - name is appropos, eh?
    I bet there are at least 50 potential colas on the flat top of this plant, many budsites receiving light on sides and under top layer. With the penetration of 1200w of led 14" away, i can't wait to see what happens here.

    And, there are 3 other plants just like this in the tent.

    Man i love modular scroglined plants on wheels!
  3. Creating an even nutrients and energy flow. Destroy the original xmas tree shape. Instead of 1 main cola, you can create as many as 32. It increases veg time by about a week each time you top. Check out growweedeasy.com Manifold by Nebula haze. Combined with LST, you can increase your overall yeild by 40%. Start with amazing genetics and it's happy days. 20171015_113726.jpg
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  4. Nice plant. Let's compare after harvest
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  5. Lookup lightaddict (on another forum) for similar style, but before nebula haze version.
  6. Checkout the plants that steakbomb just harvested on the supercloset secret society thread: 2 scrogged plants, probanly 1lb yield, and beautiful, too.
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  7. Going in 6th week with vortexes. Gotta show you something i'm already drooling over:


    Magnify the underside of that top sugar leaf.
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  8. 8-main Vortex girls in tent - 1 week to go:


    Cab girls - 2 weeks to go:

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    Happy Thanksgiving!

    Cab: 2'x3', two 8-main plants (JTR &JB) and 16-main (V4), 7-gal dwc buckets, 1000w Kind led, 481g/17.2oz dry

    Tent: 3'x3', four 8-main plants, 6-gal dwc buckets, 750w & 450w Kind led, 565g/20.2oz dry
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  10. Hey guys, so i mainlined yesterday my 3 week old plant and im wondering If i did it right. Could you Guys tell me If i was also supposed to cut the parts circeled in Red since i have about 5 Others plants i want to mainline soon (but right)

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  11. For traditional mainline, you only want to have 1 pair of growing tips remaining after 1st topping. Take out entire node on circled ones OR just the growing tips (not original fan leaves) on next node down.

    Let whichever growing tips you keep grow out 2-3 nodes, then top those so you get 2 pairs of growing tips (4 tips in total). Let those grow out 2-3 nodes and top again for 8 total tips.

    You can go for more, but it will dramatically extend veg cycle.

    For good overview go to growweedeasy.com and search on ‘mainlining”.
  12. Here we go again.

    White widow, first pair of mains layed down.
    B7010535-08E7-49BC-978F-9943FEA20E7A.jpeg 6C6B7365-2A92-4BC3-84BA-1D3ECBE6311F.jpeg
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  13. White Widows - training the 4 new mains, final topping (for 8 mains/plant) in coming week.

  14. White Widows: final topping done, for 8 mains.

  15. Cinderella 99s: clones topped for first 2 mains.

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    White Widows: almost ready to go vertical




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