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Main- lining

Discussion in 'Plant Training' started by Em8023, Oct 3, 2013.

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  2. Total dry weight = 238g; 4 x 8-main plants; 4-gal separate res/buckets each w/ 1 medium airstone; 2'x3' footprint; 1-kind 450w & 2-chinese 300w leds.

    IMG_7155.JPG IMG_7160.JPG IMG_7159.JPG IMG_7162.JPG IMG_7164.JPG

    More info on Supercloset Secret Society thread.
  3. Finally done with 12/12 sexing: 7 big girls, 2 undetermined little ones (Jack the Ripper & JIllybean), 13 clone cuttings (3 vortex in access ports, 10 others in root mister [4 JTR, 3 JB, 3 V]).

    4-main Vortexes in 6-gal buckets moved to cab, 3 fully recovered & 1 (front right, the biggest one, topped severely to slow it down) still recovering, 3 Vortex cuttings in access ports.

    2 4-main JTRs (in back) and a 4-main JB moved to tent, each in 7-gal buckets - still recovering, JTR & JB seedlings in 4th bucket.

    Clone cuttings in root mister looking absolutely great. If you plan on cloning this is the foolproof way to do it.

    Lights on 20/4, wavelength channels: A= 80% B=100% C=100%. Doing daily top ups with nutes/water, pH adjustments to 6.0, and UVC treatment to prevent pm.

    Lost 9-10 days, compared to schedule, on the longer sexing process, gained 7 days on topping process due to shoot growth during sexing.

    Planning on 8 mains for Vortexes and JTRs, probably 16 mains for the JB. Hopefully will be done with 8-main toppings next week, 16-main the following one. Then veg until 12" switch to 12/12.
    Cab set up for CO2, but thinking about not doing this grow so i can get a better feel for effect of 6- vs 7-gal buckets.

    Follow this grow on supercloset secret society thread.
  4. Worth doing this on sour Diesel?

    my latest creation..... SOUR DEISEL, STRAWBERRY HAZE first run to test before the gorilla glue #4 go in!
  5. Haven't done SD yet, but have seeds and will be mainlining them at some point. Your plants look like good candidates.

    You can mainline any strain. Indica-doms may yield more from scrog, sativa-doms can do better than scrog with BIG colas.

    Adds about 2-3 weeks to make 8-main structure, then 3-4 wks to 12" 12/12 height.
  6. Ahh cool I've done them but not for years but this mainlining wasn't very big when I last grew in fact this is the first I've heard of it lol.

    Sd is a lanky stretchy plant in most cases if the genes are good so it often takes a lot of work to train it. I just wondered if this may help.

    Thanks for ya help man.

    my latest creation..... SOUR DEISEL, STRAWBERRY HAZE first run to test before the gorilla glue #4 go in!
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  7. Yeah, works best for stretchy plants.

    If you need some background info or tips, search for mainlining on growweedeasy.com.
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  8. I'm liking the manifold style
    I have only harvested one manifolded plant but it was super easy to trim!
    I have 3 halfway through flower and 3 clones just put in flower a week or so ago.
    I'm new to it so still trying to figure out how it works lol
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  9. Same plant training. Manifold just makes more sense name wise lol. Mainlining sounds like it should have only one main cola to me. Either way I like growing this way so far lol
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    4 Vortex topped for 8 mains, now vegging in 2x3x6' cab.

    1 jack the ripper (top) and 1 jillybean (left) topped for 4 mains, final topping to 8 later this week. JTR on right topped for 8 mains, final topping to 16 hopefully this week as well. In 3x3x6' tent.
  11. Cab and tent grows moving along, mains trained to perimeter, plants reorganized by height, and undercarriages defoliated. Now just keeping height of mains even until they reach 12/12 height.

    Three 8-main Vortexes in cab, 2 more inches til 12/12:

    Two 8-main Jack the Rippers (back), an 8-main Jillybean (bottom right), and a 16-main Vortex (bottom left):
    Jtrs and Jb are shorter strains than vortex, and these plants germed about a week to 10 days behind cab vortexes. Hoping they catch up to 16-main tent vortex in next week, then probably another 7-10 days to 12/12.

    Can't say enough goodness about having plants in fully mobile individual units (wheels, detachable bubbler hoses, trellises).
  12. Vortex girls, 2nd week 12/12, full water changeout, bloom nutes started:




    JTRs (top), JB (bottom right), Vortex (bottom left) girls going 12/12 this week:
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  13. 3x3 tent, 1200w Kind leds, four 8-main plants, ~ 3 weeks since 12/12, defol'd today:

    2x3' cabinet, 1000w Kind led, one 16-main (front left) and two 8-main plants, 16-main ~ 3 weeks and others 2 weeks from 12/12, defol'd today:
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  14. they look great so far!
    i need to take off more of mine next time
    i am just not sure how much i needed to take off for the real manifold affect
    looks like you take quite a bit off
    if you got time can you check out my current grow
    they are like 6 weeks since flip so not going to fix anything this round but some ideas for the next grow would be great
    i think i just need to really trim more off and not be scared lol
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    Thanks, just defoliated, will be quite different in a couple weeks.

    Go to growweedeasy.com and in the search box put in "defoliation". Good articles there.

    Also put in "mainline", for some other good info, including tutorial by nugbuckets
  16. Mate that looks wicked. Please update this and let us know how you get on yield wise
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