Main Cola got burned by lights - chop or not?

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  1. Hi guys,

    It seems I'm only ever here with problems!

    I have a number of plants in a single grow tent but one was taller than the rest and grew too close to the lamps. I think the heat has burned the buds on the top and now they look funny. See attached photo but the main symptoms here are as follows:
    -Unusual pistil appearance - the other plants and other pistils on this pant look nothing like this.
    -Weird new spindly leaf growth through the bud
    -No crystals visible on the top of the bud or the sugar leaves.
    -No new bud growth at the top.
    -Original and previously healthy sugar leaves are now shiny and weird.
    -The burned pistils are still straight and white but the other much lower pistils are amber and curly.

    Has the stress made it a hermi? I see no bananas.
    Do I cut the effected area or will it recover? The rest of the buds below are fat and sparkly.

    I'm nearly at harvest for these other plants. I've not encountered this before.

    Thanks in advance for any help.

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  2. Picture of whole plant please. In the pic u posted it looks like a revegging clone.

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  3. Supercrop them tall ones and keep on going.
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  4. Sorry, my camera isn't the best. I have uploaded some other photos. I was afraid that it might be revegging. The bud growth further down seems much less than the other plants.

    The variety is Early Skunk by Sensi Seeds (I'm in a cold climate). The plant is in soil/coir mix and the plant is on 12/12 cycle since May 16th.

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  5. Ohh, nervous about that. Not tried it before. If that's the consensus and the alternative is losing the bud below or having the while thing go south then I'll definitely try - after about 2 hours of instructional videos!

    Thanks for the advice.
  6. I look at everything as topable. Worst case you end up topping it and it just does it's thing. If you can super crop it even better. Super cropping really isn't hard just dont break the branch at the mainstem node or break it off. They will generally heal and form a knuckle. Here is a couple pics showing the resulting knuckle from super cropping on one of my ladies. The bulge on the branch is what super cropping causes. 20190627_150543.jpg 20190627_150532.jpg

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  7. Thanks for the advice. I actually think that after it got burned, I started checking it with a pen torch during the night hours out of worry. I may have accidentally caused it to reveg. I noticed similar growth on a smaller scale on another plant closer to harvest so I topped the offending cola. I’ll try the super cropping on this plant. Nothing like experience to save you from mistakes. Thanks so much for the help.
  8. No Problem. Super cropping is just a rough version of LST.
  9. Your plant is obviously stressed out. Those odd leaves are a sign of stress. This would not be a good time to super crop.

    A few minutes of a pen torch would not cause your plant to reveg something else is going on
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  10. "A few minutes of a pen torch would not cause your plant to reveg something else is going on"

    Not really sure what it could be then. My soil is a bit alkaline but it has been all through the grow. I didn't have the PH down to address it and the plants kept going fine but maybe just extra sensitive in the flowering phase?

    If I am not going to supercrop this plant, should I then leave it on a 10:14hour light:dark schedule to try to spur it back into flowering?

    Will I eventually get a decent crop from it?

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