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mailing herb? is it ok?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by skillfull87, Sep 26, 2003.

  1. i want to get some herb from cali. and this guy wants to mail it to me...

    is that straight to mail it from california to the southeast... any tips on what i should to do prevent getting caught?
  2. why put a bunch of dryer sheet? to keep the smell out? i was thinking of putting coffee in there...
  3. ......


    i would seriously consider shooting myself in the foot before i would mail someone, or have someone mail me marijuana

    for the sake of humanity...shoot yourself in the crotch.
  4. i refuse to insert myself in this ignorance ANY LONGER!!

    *clicks unsubscribe*
  5. Under no circumstances EVER send weed through the mail. I sure hope you were baked when you wrote that, cause it's the dumbest idea ever.
  6. last week someone was caught at the local mailing place trying to send an oz of week to montana. the police picked him up like 3 blocks away......and he probably got like 3 years for that......bullshit.....fucking bullshit.....

  7. yeah i dont think its worth it. I also know someone who was busted doing that. Im sure there are plenty of other ways to get some smoke.
  8. welcome american waste!!!
  9. I can't beleive you all went for it.

    I mean it is a joke, right? ..
  10. I wouldn't take the chance man. It is not worth it. Get it from your local street corner...hehe
  11. Where did you say your friend was from? California? Is this guy on house arrest???
  12. shit i read your thing too fast. i thought that you were gonna send ur friend weed in the mail. i wouldn't risk it.
  13. here we go

    Pick it pack,
    fire it up,
    come along and take a hit from the bong,
    put the blunt down just for second,
    dont get me wrong it's not a new method,
    i like a blunt or a big fat cone,
    but double barrled bong it get me stOOOnedso just a little

    arrgument for the people that have done it sucesfully
  14. I have a friend who's brother mails him oz. from BC on a regular basis. So it is possible, but not advisable.

  15. Actually the package SHOULD have a return address! It looks a lot more sketchy if it dosn't. I know people who have done this but weed is the stinkiest of drugs so make sure it sealed up really well and maybe put it in a box that looks like something official.
  16. look your fine if you do these things -!!

    Have the sender use GLOVES to handle the package at all time

    DO NOT let the sender use a return address, its better to look risky than to be caught!

    DONT send large amounts!
    at most, 1/4th, COMPRESSED, and add something such as a dryer sheet to keep the smell a bit un-weedish.

    now, IF, say IF, you get caught, and there is NO return address, you will get in NO trouble. Who is to say that some random person didn't send some random drug to some other random person? No proof..nuff get off scot free, otherwise people could abuse the system and send a no-return address package filled with crack to get someone they didn't like in trouble, you see?

    So all those wanting to shoot themselves in the crotch do so unnecessarily.
  17. Have him make up a return address, but you should DEFINITELY HAVE ONE!
  18. you just gotta ask yourself, if its really worth going to jail just for some weed. Sending that shit in the mail makes it a federal crime which means they will come down on you alot harder... Im from california, the weed out here is good but its not worth going to jail over. My advice would be just to not do it
  19. *shoots styles in the crotch*

    (cuz i can do dat yo)

    as you see, a plume follows me and as a plume follows me, it blocks any view of me from behind or above, so, as i ran by blasting crotches with shotguns of bluntsmoke and empty bottles of coca cola, chocolate buds smoked with bread papers would be my main diet if it werent for jagermeifter, nectar of the licorice gods, only santa claus know why this wonderful blend of herbs spices and fruits was bestowed upon us, this liquid will make you love shit.
    i like drinking
    i like smoking, to me drinking is much more ominous, so i try to be extrememlmememely extrememaly watch you ass dont fucking look at the way i spell shit.raaa..booga booga splorge
    9end transmission4422556
  20. send as much weed as you want.

    u might wanna change yer name tho. its a bit incriminating to have weed with your name and address on it. :p

    oh.... and i'm talking from UK experience only.

    u guys seem to have a wasp in your underpants over in america about mailing herb.
    ... especially you norm. is that why you keep shooting your crotch? to get the wasp?

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