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Mailing a pipe to my house?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by bdk2jw, Jan 31, 2014.

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    Okay, quick question. I would like to mail a pipe (well vaporizer) from here to my house. The problem is I live with my parents still. They won't really get suspicious or anything, but if they see it and it has a website label on it that'll be kinda troublesome. My question is what does the box have on it, if anything? It is shipped through UPS, but does the box itself have some type of sticker or anything on it?
    Also, if I just gave them instructions to not deliver it on a weekend would they oblige? Because during the weekdays I get off work early, at 12 everyday, so that'd give me plenty of time to get the package. 

  2. Usually stuff like that comes so it doesn't look suspicious. Usually plane boxes.

    Idk but just get the mail before ya parents
  3. Normally this would be ok but I have work on saturdays and sundays too so I'd likely be at work when it got to my house. Its free 2-3 day shipping so I can just wait til tomorrow to order it I guess lol
  4. Think you should be good. Then again your parents might ask you what's in the box lol

    Other than that I think u should be straight
  5. Have it shipped to one of your friends houses. I do that for all sorts of thingsSent from my SPH-M840 using Tapatalk
  6. nah my parents wouldn't do that lol its just that if they see the box and just look at it and see the sticker of what it is thats the only way they'd know. thats why I want to get it before them :p but yeah I'm probably just gonna order it tonight
    @[member="Chanch02015"] I would but I have trust issues
  7. Done this plenty of times, usually from amazon though and I've never had any suspicious packaging or labels
  8. usually its a plain brown envelope or box, but check out the websites shipping info...usually if you look around youll find it onmost any website. llook towards the bottom or bottom left/right areas of webpages and youll find links...heres this one but not sure what it says about that website, email them if any other questions.
  9. Well I clicked on your link, then I went to their FAQ and then to shipping and returns and this is what they had to say:
    Item will be shipped in a plain box with a fake label designating this as a giant rubber horse penis dildo..
    That sounds odd, but least they won't think you are smoking dope.
    JK, This is what they said:
    Your order will be shipped discreetly in a sturdy, plain box with our nondescript return address reading "Warehouse" on the front.
    It's OK OP.....looking up information is kind of a talent that I have. It's a specialized skill set...but you can learn it to...
  10. If you are so worried when you get your tracking number look to see the expected delivery date and be home all day to receive the package. Simple.
  11. 1 word: work lol
    You keep using language like that around here and you'll get banned!!!
  13. what did i do ): i wasn't trying to be sarcastic or anything 
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    That W word that rhymes with JERK.... we don't talk like that around here. We're slackers. And we have an image to keep. LOL
    1 word: work lol
  15. That word [​IMG]
  16. hahahaha shit well how else am i suppose to get the vape and bud!!
    Whoring yourself out to the man! It's longer...but sounds more stonerish. :bongin:

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