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  1. So last week, i think Saturday night it was, my neighbors mother in law backed her 2013 mustang into my mailbox . it broke the wooden post at the bottom, so we're gonna pour some concrete in and put a piece of rebar before it , so if it happens again it'll fuck some shit up.
    This is the second time we've had these neighbors do this in the five years I've lived here. The first time was some guy drunk in a big truck. Anybody else ever have a similar problem lol ?

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  2. My grandpas would always get knocked down, usually in the winter but anyway he started using railroad ties and it held up much better.

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  4. Yeah its happened to me. I was with my buddy and he was pulling a u turn in the middle of my street and while he was backing up I'm like dude, watch out for my mailbox. Boom, smashes into my mailbox and cracks the wooden post at the bottom. He ended up having a huge dent in the trunk of his shitty Toyota avalon lol

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  5. We had it happen twice when we lived in TN. Fucking idiot neighbor couldn't back up worth a crap. We ended up putting up a brick mailbox. She only hit it once, and the mailbox was just fine though the same couldn't be said for her Cadillac.
  6. I think it's happened 4 or 5 times to me now.
    Whoever drives the snowplow in the winter on my road apparently can't drive for shit cause he's always running over my damn mailbox.
  7. My neighbor came home drunk it was like 2 am around there I was awake just dabed a few , my sister had just came back from work this guy comes with his car he comes from the back he never does that but it sounded like he was strugglin haha like less than an hour he was trying tom get in the drive way I hurt a thump sound didn't think much.

    Next day my sister getting for work and she goes to her car and she see a bump and comes back and where like wtf and we put the pieces together and she her the same noise I heard last night soo my dad and him and my uncle are going so where an she tells my dad and my neighbor just stays quiet while she tells him that her car is been hit haha so we just stayed quiet for a few days to see if he says anything he does and it's all resolve but my uncle has hit cars too lol my dad getting fustraded because he let him barrow the car and he has to pay for the damage and my sis there's other times but I don't remember just that it's common around here that , that happens haha

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