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Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by muggles, Aug 16, 2002.

  1. imma first time grower....well soon to be grower i should say. i live with my parents which creates a problem, but i have a friend who is a friend of my parents actually and has always been like a mother to me, only i can smoke with her and her kids so thats cool and all, and she has this house which is completly isolated and there is a shed that she doesnt use that is pad locked and perfect for growing and drying, we made this deal where i'll buy everything and do all the work if she'll let me use the space and split the bud 50/50. so thats all cool and shit, but as far as a hydroponics set up and other supplies i was gunna get one from a company online or ebay or some shit like that and do pay pal or some kinda cash exchange... but i cant have that sent to my house and i've heard that it wouldnt be safe to send it to the place where i intend on using it, so should i go with a p.o. box or is this just me being paraniod?

    -if you live in va and have a kit you're willing to sell, holla!
  2. mmmmmmmmmmmmmm indeed....dodgy one for some people....most growers would build they're own system before ordering anything online apart from like lights as they have other obvious my country it not as strict as others i've heard in the states, that the dea has people checking credit card transactions and sorry to say but that would go up like an alarm bell.....probably very legal to buy but they would just wait a while and then do you for growing...also those spend and save cards that you get at most hardware stores they also keep an eye on them too.......I maybe wrong but if you can you're own if not it's the risk you run to grow the herb.....Peace out....Sid

    Pay cash....use different stores.....if you have to order something, use a false name and address and tell them you'll pick it up later.....just be cautious....allways security first.
  3. Mugg If yor afraid to buy then why arnt you afraid to grow if the pigs bust you with the shit to grow it they wont be as hard on you as they would if they found you growing and then they can bust ya for having the weed intensoin to sell and a whole shit load of other stuff.. Make it your self its cheaper and the Pigs wont be on to you.

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