Mail Order Collectives VS Standard Delivery Collectives

Discussion in 'General' started by Filmismylove, Jan 6, 2013.

  1. What do you all think of the mail order collectives that have popped up around Cali? Goddess Delivers, Farmacy, Statewide Collective, Pacific Coast Caregivers, etc....

    These places send the medicine overnight and my experience, it's actually a lot less hassle than trying to meet up with some kid or having some weirdo coming in the house. Local delivery services get lazy with their delivery hours, too. It's not like pizza delivery, where they bring it right away. I have high expectations about getting high, lol.

    I sent in my articles of incorporation to start a collective of my own. All that's left is to draft up bylaws, tax ID, etc.

    I'd like it to be a legit collective, though. Like a budtrader meets mail order. Where real people can list their own products and members can attain the most transparent form of reasonable compensation with each other. Kind of a like a "fulfilled by amazon" situation where the collective stores the meds and ships them out for the grower. Anyone see what I'm talking about? There's nothing out there like it and it would be an ideal position to be in when grass becomes legal. Think about how much money ebay, etsy, amazon, etc. make. If you could just take a small percentage and allow all growers to get reasonable compensation for their time and expenses, plus get real lab results and tests on the buds...everyone wins!!

    In business, the one who access to the consumers is the one who will win and I see a lot of these mail order collectives taking business away from the local guys. But it doesn't make me very sad because it's hard to really trust anyone I don't meet personally.

    Well, I just wanted to chat about it for a minute. Will these mail order collectives get bigger? What should I know for my own? I'm not doing it for money, so don't even trip. I'm doing it because I want to be in position for when pot becomes legal, we take over and not watch amazon or ebay corrupt the culture of cannabis. Cannabis will need it's own amazon.

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