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  1. I'm going to see Iron Maiden and Dio for the 5th time on August 20th -hell yea..... Hatebreeder, wanna go?

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  2. I must see Iron Maiden on this tour. It'll be ages until they do Britain properly though. Quite simply though, they are the greatest band ever. Have a good time!
  3. i'm seeing them at fiddlers green in denver. thats funny, the run..hills comment. i personally liked the fact that they played most of b.n.w instead of the old stuff.- but i see your point too. their new album is coming out in a few months !!
  4. hchickenwing, surely they are playing shows in their homeland, right? i'm gonna look at their site and find out - where are you in u.k.??
  5. jeech, they only played the download festival there- you guys get the shaft! they are in big demand here in the u.s. - i do know that. they came just 40 miles from my hometown last time they came here (2001)
  6. I'm in the north of Scotland. That's right, they only played the download festival which I would have been at if it wasn't for all these damn exams! Now I'll have to wait months!

    However, I can see why they'd want to do that. Assuming they finish up in Britain, it will be so good when it finally comes around. I've heard stories of gigs they play in London where all they fans who have been there from the very beginning of the bands existance reside. The guys who went to see them in the Ruskin Arms pub! The crowd is (apparently) absolutely insane. The most lethal mosh pits around. (You wouldn't think it, but that's what I've heard!) I'm going to try my utmost to get down to London for a gig.
  7. Im gunna nut all over the place if i get to see dio in concert
  8. maiden canceled their alb. show- up to denver you go!
  9. those pics are too much zia, wow. wonder if hes aware of them on the net. you going to the green?
  10. I'll be on the floor at the MSG show! \m/ \m/
  11. Yehhh duuuuude!

    Beer before Bud, you're in the mud
    Bud before Beer, you're in the clear.

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