Maharishi Mahesh Yogi

Discussion in 'Philosophy' started by IL_Duce, Oct 15, 2003.

  1. just wondering if anyone followd this type of meditation relgion, cause i was lookin into it and just wanted to know more about it.
  2. never heard of it.

    actually I thought it was a yoga technique...
  3. Holy shit!! I used to live in the town in IA that the Maharishi International Univeristy is located in. Lots of people there practiced transcedental meditation..

    Edit: Check this link for more info:

  4. cool thnx toker, i wanted to know more, seemd interesting
  5. Fellow Stoned Philosophers,
    Meditation is a method of concentration that is used in all religions. Prayer (in all of it's forms in all religions) is just meditation. Thinking things over using internal dialogue is talking to God. Trying to reach a state of lack of thought requires concentration about nothing. In that state a person is supposed to receive enlightenment from God.

    God in within - not without.
    A one on one relationship is there for the taking.
    All it takes is believing.
    That is what Jesus, Mohammed, Abraham, Budda, and
    Timmy Leary said....

  6. OkieTokie... there is different types of meditation... having praciticed quite a few of them myself (in my past).

    you're not always seeking enlightenment from God when you meditate. for example... out of body experiences require a deep meditative state in which your mind must be completely emptied, and completely focused. takes A LOT of practice, but eventually you go into a trance and you can will yourself out of your body... this is also a dangerous thing because you are leaving your body.
  7. Cotton,
    Now we are at the crux of the matter.
    I used to spontaneously experience OBE's. From the time
    I was 15 until about 26 or so. Until I started taking
    mindbending drugs (LSD, Peyote, 'Shrooms, etc).
    Scared the crap out of me until I decided not to fight
    it just go with it. Was really cool after that.

    I now realize that OBE's are what life after death will
    be like. I do not fear death because I know what
    being an entity free of a physical body is like.
    Call it heaven or hell or paradise or valhalla, but
    after the spirit leaves the body, the fun begins.

    Look at the Moody Blues album cover (if you can
    find one) for 'In search of the lost chord'. That
    pretty well illustrates what OBE's are like.

  8. well, not everyone is lucky enough to just spontaneously separate from their bodies. if you want to leave yourself you have to be very focused, and in deep meditation.

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