Mah babies, is this root rot?

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    these little girls (hopefully) are about 5-6 days old, not sure because I have been busy and didn't remember what day they sprouted on


    I didn't put light on it when it sprouted and it stretched a bit, hence the plunger from one of my syringes is holding it up, I'm a diabetic not a junkie.


    this one sprouted after the first and seems to be doing better than the other, not much to say about it

    although I have some questions, the roots that are appearing at the bottom of the rockwool come out white, and seem to get pressed against the bottom of the tray and then they turn brown, almost like root rot, but I am not sure and I need an opinion ASAP, hear are some pics, I tried my best to get a shot of them but those fuckers are small


    you might have to strain your eyes a bit to see them but they are there


    well thats it for now folks, I just hope they dont die, I put a lot of money into this and would hate to see it fail at this point, I think I would put my head through a wall if that happened
  2. hmmm looks like you could be guessing correctly. you should get some hydroton expanded clay pellets and cover up the rockwoll cubes so less light reaches the roots. my 2cents
  3. uhmmm. i bumped it at 6pm , you bump at 7? ... now i bump again at 713. hmm i thought i answered it but,, ok.
  4. no man I didn't mean any disrespect it's just I like to get second opinions on things, about everything I do not just this, it helps you know, plus the one that is held up by the stick is wilting over, I did what you said and put them in hydroton, the other one is fine, although when I smell the cubes it has a faint mildew type smell, I'm worried I've got three other seeds that germinated today in rockwool and all I can hope for is for them to make it so I will actually have a garden

    oh and dude, I bumped it and didn't even look at the time, I was really high sorry
  5. yeah one died so know I'm left with one, and three others that haven't sprouted yet, I'm going to be extra careful with them and try to keep everything as sterile as possible

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