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    Hey everyone I currently have 1 anti mold strain seed from greenhouse growing and am going to germinate my other 3 very soon, just picked up the tent today!! It has an 186 watt bulb thats super bright! Im going to run 24 hour light for another week or so. I watered today with 5-0-1 floramicro from general hydroponics to help my nitrogen defficiency. Thanks for stopping by I will be updating frequently!!

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  2. Hey everyone mini update got my girl transplanted :)

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  3. Another update! Got some new lights in there . A 13w=60w mini twister blue, 1 bright white 13w=60w, and 2 13w=60w mini twister soft whites. So I added in another 240 watts!!!

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  4. How close are your lights to your plant?
  5. The lights are about 2 feet I'd say maybe a little more above the plant
  6. I would try to lower them some if you can... You want them as close as you can get them with out burning the leafs :)
  7. It will keep nodes closer and closer nodes = more dense buds
  8. There a bit hard to adjust so il just elevate the plant! Thanks :wave:
  9. Anything to get it closer will help out the plants. I'm excited to watch your grow cfls always amaze me and haven't seen one with the extra colors added.
  10. Just added in a seed from greenhouse. It's called great white shark hopefully for a reason haha. It's germinating as we speak beside the anti mold system strain. Also I got my lights and fan on a timer now, 18/6 :)

    The pic took so long to load I had time to type this and pack a bowl..and smoke it!

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  11. Unfortunatly my plant doesn't look to great :( advice please!

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  12. what kind of soil are you using?
  13. Unfortunatly idk. My mom has a pile of clear bags filled with soil outside I just used one of those
  14. Im guessing its a coco mix of some sort and from what i have read,never used myself, coco mixes can get high build ups of salts and that could block out a bunch of nuts your plant needs. I would say transplant into fox farm ocean forest soil. its good organic balanced soil. and has good amount of perlite mixed into it for drainage.
  15. Fuck can I get fox farms from any garden store?
  16. It would depend were you live and the store... Any hydro store would... Maybe try green house... Stay away from MG too!
  17. Ok sweet!
  18. Any luck finding some good soil?
  19. My tent is definatly way to hot cause my temporary fan broke I needa wait till tmrw or Friday fir the fan that's designed for the tent to come in. Any temporary heat solutions, I was thinking a big cup of ice... But that would just be stupid lmao

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