Magnetic Ballast Questions, PLEASE HELP,

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  1. So I've decided that I'm going to purchase a 400w magnetic ballast for my upcoming grow. The reason for magnetic is because of digital ballasts having a chance of giving off RF interference, messing (my) neighbors cable/internet connection, and having the cable company knocking on my door. The thing is, I don't know much about magnetic ballasts. Could someone point me in the right direction and give me any tips on them.. I'd really appreciate it, thanks!
  2. Just make sure your ballast IS shielded.
    This means all the wires are wrapped in a shroud.

    Get one that is RF shielded.
  3. A Magnetic ballast is a fucking metal brick, it will be fine.
    My 1,000wMH weighs about 40 pounds.
  4. I'm having a hard time finding a legit RF shielded ballast. Lumatek claim their digital ballasts give off "little to no RF noise", but from what I see, some people say their Lumateks still give off RF interference.. Link to a RF shielded ballast?
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    Look, its only going to interfear with radio signals, like bunny ears.

    Like, it will do the same thing as a running car, coffee grinder, battery chargers, ect.
    Everything has a Radio Frequency, its electrical noise. Most cable is digital, not radio. (These
    Ever heard your phone beep through speakers? Same premise.
    I wouldn't worry about it.

    Stupid noise in your car stereo when no musics playing?
    Thats another example of electrical noise.
  6. i had the cable company come knocking less that a year ago and said it was messing up everyone's internet and they pin pointed it to my house...the fcc will come knocking too if you're by an airport or important ham my magnetics on ebay just make sure it has a warranty
  7. Any Idea on the radius affected? How far?
    i think its like a block radius...they will shut your cable/internet off before they come out...the guy that came was cool and when he went out to test the individual lines he unhooked the back room (where my ballast was) i shut the lights off and he said that must have been it...I could tell he knew though but he was in all camo and bullshitted with me a bit..he said its usually due to the old cable that goes underground isnt shielded so thats why rf noise can travel to everyone house..if new lines have been put in recently they are shielded and probably wont have a problem..i was using an apollo ballast though dont know about lumitek
  9. Yeah I've heard it's about a city block radius usually of RF interference. @[member="TinTizzy"] how is your magnetic? Like the temps and whatnot. Any problems?
  10. If you're handy, this may be an option:
    I've never ordered from them but I bought a similar kit and mounted it on a platform. I didn't build a case around my, it's just sitting on a platform. Just a thought, if you're handy with these things.
    I've never had a problem with internet, cable or WiFi.
  11. @[member="TinTizzy"] Alright thanks for the help brotha! I think I'll go with that ballast actually because there are some pretty good reviews on the Harvest Sun company and their ballasts. So with ventilation, do I have to vent my cooltube hood and vent the tent. Two different ducts or what?

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