magnetic ballast placement

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    can i have the magnetic ballast outside the tent in the same room?
    do they get that hot that it can affect temperature?
    ambient temp in room is about ~75-80*F normally without lights
    my attic gets to 120*F+ on these hot days of summer so i would think that could be a fire hazard setting them up there
    i can run the cable all the way to another location but that would be a mission. just wondering what other peoples adivce on this would be?
    thanks ya'll
  2. Why not just leave them in the tent? they have fans I don't notice too much heat coming from mine. I just had one get flooded though so make sure you elevate it, or mount it if using hydroponics
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  3. i guess i am trying to prepare for temperature as best i can.
    thanks for the input. i will then just set them up on the roof on the outside, i just have to figure out how to keep them secure
  4. I hang my digital ballast.. I take no chances of fires..


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