Magnesium Toxicity?

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  1. Just for fun i've been growing with tap water only. I have added no fertilizers to this plant...only good fox farm soil. I have no idea what the PH of the soil is, but the pH of the water is around 7.8 and the ppms are around 300. Is this from salt buildups? Magnesium toxicity/deficiency? 


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  2. It looks like the FF is to hot for her.
    Did you recently re-pot?
  3. And salt build up too. Ph is off too, looks like a multi nuit lockout.
    I am just guessing though!
  4. No its been in that pot for a long time. What do you mean by too hot? Temps are low in the room
  5. I meant nuit wise. I have had FFOF burn my plants in the past. I grow DWC now day.
  6. I just harvested my first dwc a month or so ago. Loved it and my critical Sensi star turned out to be amazing. Got a little worried about root rot but discovered that it was just the nutes that were making the roots look brown. 
  7. Maybe a P lockout...
  8. Knowing the runoff of the soil is vital to diagnosing her!
  9. Just info to share here...

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  10. Thanks for the pic. Ima print that out. It's good info.
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    With a ph of 7.8 going in your completely eliminating Mn and Fe from your plants ability to uptake said nutrients... plant will be stunted in flowering cycle by ways of minimal bud size and very loose light buds.
  12. Wow I had no idea that could cause that... normally I always pH my water but I wanted to see what kind of results I could get from using just straight tap water. They looked realllllly healthy for a long time, but not anymore!

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