Magnesium Deficiency?

Discussion in 'Sick Plants and Problems' started by blueicegrows, Nov 19, 2022.

  1. Been vegging her a little longer than normal cause the flower tent is full. Assumed she was getting low on nutes, but which nutes? Some help from the veterans would be great! IMG_20221119_010629125.jpg IMG_20221119_005732052.jpg
  2. it seems to be a number of things first make sure your ph is in range i would say nitrogen is needed for sure maybe some cal mag and I just started using Chelated Iron i got on amazon mine were limey green too that fixed my issue but you are not over feeding thats for sure
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  3. Thanks brother, my sensi extra strength cal mag had mold in it so had to throw it away :/ will get some more and add some bat guano and maybe some recharge and see how she does, gonna transplant her as well. I appreciate the time to comment man. Haven't fed her in probably a month, doing organic dry amendments and honestly haven't fed her once other than the little bit of amendments I added when I transplanted her for the first time from seedling.
  4. This may help a little.

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  5. i have just started feeding mine now i also did organic dry but now i am in week 2 of flower and giving a little bottled stuff but i went water only for 6 weeks no problems but my soil was mixed super hot the runoff at first was like 4500 ppm lol

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