Magnesium deficiency?

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  1. Coco Coir grow. (Primarily)
    Medium is 20 gallons coco
    20 gallons Pro HP
    To which I added
    8 litres Happy Frog
    8 litres Fox Farm
    2 cups green sand
    6 cups all purpose 444
    6 cups bat guano
    4 cups kelp meal
    2 cups bone meal
    1cup azomite
    4 cups alfalfa
    I hydrated the coco with water and a couple tablespoons of unsulphered molasses
    2 tablespoons Mycorrhizae
    I am in a 4x4 Vivosun tent
    Phlizon Cree COB 3000
    30" from plant tops
    Average temp is 78°
    Avg RH 50
    I was watering at 6.5-6.8
    Last 2 waterings 6.2 and 5.8 respectively to which I added 2 mg Cal Mag per gallon. Which is about half strength.
    This Is an organic grow. Dont think the Cal Mag is organic. I will get pure Epsom salts today.
    I made 2-1 gallon co2 generators each bubble about every 3 seconds. They have been running for 3 days.
    Not positive this is a deficiency of magnesium. If it is not sure if it is a lockout or simple deficiency.

    Please Help.

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  2. Kind of looks like heat, light, and or low humidity stress.

    Do you have good airflow?? What light, heat and humidity readings? How long do the plants stay hydrated?? How much/often do you water?
  3. Heat, humidity listed. Water every day. 4" inline exhaust. 9" fan blowingbup across light. Oscillating tower fan sweeping across grow.
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    Could be overwatering, doing it everyday.

    You have exhaust, what do you do for fresh air? If you do not have adequate fresh air intake, and the light is bright, they will get leaf stress. The more powerful the light, the more fresh air/co2 they need.
    Plants also Respire at night/lights out vs Transpire lights on. So fresh air is needed even more if lights are out.

    IMHO the plant looks healthy, but does look to be the beginnings of some kind of stress, and the leaves are slightly cupped.
  5. It is coco. Not overwatering. Only started every day water after day 10. This is day 14. Forgot have another fan down low pulling in fresh air.
    Definately not overwatering.
  6. You've got potting soil , and coco , and Pro mix? I would choose one of them and go with the grow style that suits your choice . Coco is hydro, passive hydro but still 100% hydro which is at odds with the methodology of a soil grow.
    I know people don't like it when their methods are questioned and my purpose here is in no way to be a dick.
    But you should really consider a transplant (use the potting soil if you want to do organic) into one medium instead of combining them. Its not too late. I believe you are heading for disaster with the coco and dry amendments .
    I realize that some companies are making coco/soil mixes but the coco they're using is much older than what you are going to find in a brick or bag its decomposing and lost most of its C.E.C.
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  7. Promix HP also does hold water. I use the BX which holds more water, but the HP/Highly Porous, still holds a bit of water, which made me suggest overwatering.
    Happy Frog also holds water.

    I myself use a cheap, Lowes Moisture-PH-Light Meter, and take several reading throughout the pot. I also rely on the picking up the container method, and have been doing this for 40 years. I don't need the moisture meter, but if its working correctly, it lets me have an idea of what up.

    I like to NEVER let the needle get to the DRY line, and l always keep it slightly above/ LOW Moist, thus letting me dry them out pretty good, yet no so dry they wilt. If they wilt, you WILL concentrate your fertilizer, and when watered again, will stand a chance of nutrient burn, and add in you feed them, makes it 2x more likely for burn. Im a firm believer in the cheap moisture meter. You could pay $1000 for one, and Id still take the cheap one.
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  8. Thank you

    Have you looked at Mr. Canucks you tube? He does Coco with Gia Green 444 and 284 dry organic almost exclusively with great success.
    I do have some soil in the peat and coco but it is about 5-10% of the total volume. You may be right. Cant transplant as these are autos. I would say it is not a method it is an attempt.
    Did you have an opinion on the possible magnesium issue?
  9. Mg ? I don't see it, they are still very young. I'd let em go if there is a problem it'll show up.
    Or just add a pinch ( very small amount )
    of Epsom salt to your waterings.
  10. As I am 10% "soil" I still am approaching this as hydro. From a moisture standpoint the medium feels like I could water it after 12 hour . And perhaps I should. I definately need to water more than once every 24 hours.
  11. I did go and get the Epsom salts. I dont like the idea of Cal Mag not organic. Plus it is 7-0-0.
    I already have slow release NPK...
    Afraid of nute burn. I'm going to try 1/4 recommended strength epsom for a few days.
    They are growing very strong ATM except for my Tangerine Dream Auto it is a curly morphodite mess. Perhaps I should have included a pic of that but it has been this way since germination so do not think the 2 issues are related.
  12. Here is the tangerine

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  13. Seems worse over a few hours.

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  14. I am running My Plizon Cree COB 3000 30" from the tops. Both sets of lights are on. Perhaps I should just run the cobs or raise the light. On closer examination the leaves are not yellowing between the veins. If anything it is more general learning toward yellowing of the veins. Any thoughts? If I just run the 3000k/6000k COBs and turn up the heat in my house i can achieve a steady 78° 50% RH. And i can stop freezing. Thoughts?
  15. Oh ya. Any thoughts on either raising lights or using only cobs or only veg/bloom lights.
  16. Yikes! That one looks real bad. Definitely shoulda led with that pic, lol.

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  17. Thanks for that awesome input. She came out of her seed like that. I'm pretty sure her characteristics have nothing to do with any nutrient issues. She is just nuts. She is a good color, slow growing though. Cant find much on her as far as photos of others on net.

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