Magnesium deficiency?

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  1. 9A7194D0-7E3A-4AA6-84A7-3383EFC5ADC5.jpeg 3A2AE220-AE93-4F66-8401-7B98D9E1BFD1.jpeg 3ACEA8D9-2E87-4DA5-9B15-58A11DD3CBBF.jpeg 6AFB1D93-9051-469D-8026-B92F92CFC960.jpeg F6FB9F17-36E4-4674-B1F7-EDBDD0D4DD81.jpeg 07DF3319-C8A0-41F2-90A3-C6796C9ED7F9.jpeg ECF2550B-4E9A-4CB8-A0D5-9CC5694F41D6.jpeg 263CBE5A-045E-477A-BBA4-5F838F0DAF5B.jpeg Looking for assistance in a possible deficiency identification.

    Soil is reused and partially amended no-name potting mix. Feeding Fox Farm trio with Blue Planet calmag and silica. Seaweed and kelp/fish emulsion with every watering. Watering approximately 3 liters 4-5 times a week. Feeding 3-4 times of that 4-5. Using “degassed” 100-120ppm 7.0 tap water ph to 6.2-6.9 depending on the mix. Feeding >800 ppm nutes at around week 3.

    I am just getting into indoor nute mixes (always grown outdoor in my grade A backyard soil). Gave it about a gallon of 6.7 water with myco tonight. I want to call this early stage magnesium deficiency. What is the general consensus?

    (I tried to take some decent pictures. I’m no Ansel Adams.)
  2. Bump.

    Heading to the garden in about an hour. Would like a little feedback before I get there...


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