magnesium deficiency

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  1. Hi!

    here's an image of my plant: sickplant

    I'm new at this. Is anyone able to confirm this is a mag deficiency?

    I'll be mixing up some epsom salt in 1 gal milk bag today. Anyone suggest ppm?

    thanks in advance!
  2. That not a mag deficiency, that's nitrogen burn, your soil is way to hot for that little baby. You can see that just by looking at the perlite in the soil, it's turning brown way to quick, which tells me that the over-rich nitrogen laced soil is burning it up. Re-pot that baby in a better medium before she burns to death.
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  3. thanks for the info!

    A question: The issue is most pronounced at the bottom of the plant, which made me think mag deficiency. The soil is Ocean Forest, and not receiving any additional nutes. The inter-veinal (idk appropriate name for it) spaces were first to present (discoloration), now dead leaf tips too. The issue is mobile, coming from bottom up.

    Going with your suggestion, am I able to flush instead of repotting? I've got some cocoa coir, but it's an auto, so i don't want to disturb roots and further stunt the plant.

    I've got a few other plants doing great in FFOF. Weird.

    perlite tip is much appreciated. I'm very new to this and researching all I can.


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