Magnesium def. or what?

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  1. this my first grow; soil used is fox farm ocean forest. fox farm grow big nutrients, going at 1/4 application on bottle every other watering. 400w mhallide in a white closet, well ventilated with oscillating fans and whatnot. temperature and humidity is regulated.

    its first true leaves started to yellow around the tips almost 2 weeks ago, seemed to me they were gettingtoo hot so i just moved the lamps back which seemed to work. since then theplant hasbeen developing nicely (or at least in my opinion, i dont reallyknow shit), but in the past few days ive noticed some yellow blotching on the newest leaves. did some research, allsigns seem to point to Mg.... feeding was scheduled today, along with the nutes i also mixed 3/4 teaspoon of espom in a gallon of water. gonna pin some pics with it, maybe someone can tell me if its a magnesium problem or not, and if it was OK to put the epsom with the nutes. feedback is appreciated guys, thx and peace.

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  2. If you want an easy "brain dead" way to grow check my journal in my sig line here. 4 grows later and it's essentially the same way. Easy stuff. ;)
  3. i don't understand your post,so i'll just take it as disrespect. i could care less about your journal; i posted looking for answers, not hyperlinks. If you don't feel like helpin,don't post.:cool:

    anyways... hopefully one of the vets sees this post and chimes in with something.. hell, or someone who's not just trying to drive their post numbers up, lol...
  4. dude don't leap to 'disrespect'... I think he's just suggesing that you should check the method considering how many things can go wrong.. a good method can go a long way..

    it looks like it could be calcium or magnesium, watch out with the epsom salt becaus its sulpher as well. a top dressing of earthworm castings (containing calcium) would fix that issue. unless it's a ph issue. also make sure you have a good source of K in the mix0--- not too much because it can lead to more males-- (N for more females) -- but the K will fix alot of those deficiencies,

    other factors to conside as well
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    looks like light bleaching. how close to your plants was the light? air cooled/glass?
    any other plants, are they affected?

    do you use any foliar?

    it's gonna be hard to determine the exact def. this early.

    also FFoF soil has about 2-3 weeks of food already in the soil so maybe give her a good flush with straight water and see if it clears up.

    edit: also dolomite lime disolvable pellets (ace hardware) will stabilize your ph(from acidic) and add Mg/ca
  6. i noticed on my plant a lot of the time the new foilage is almost always yellow at first untill it grows in a bit. Also one more thing, little early for nutes?? i could be wring because im only on my first plant right now but i thought i read on here somewhere that you should avoid feeding it nutes when its real young, but i really dont know for sure. GOOD LUCK!
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  8. wow, no reason to act like that, really. about 30 threads a day easy in here with people showing pictures of seedlings and flipping out over a little discoloration or something.

    The fact that anyone takes the time to answer the same questions over and over is a testament to the quality of the peeps around here.

    So I think you owe dude an apology.

    Looks like pH is probably locking out mg/cal, also could be light bleaching especially if those marks are from where it got wet, did you mist it?:smoke:
  9. This is a have to click links and read from time to time. Its not a fuckin expert hotline
  10. Agreed!

    You were given good, helpful info....but since the user didn't type everything out for you (like they've probably done 60 other times when this SAME question has been asked) you get offeneded/mad. That's a great way to climb the 'popularity ladder'.

    Give it a few days and see if the Epsom made any difference. If it did, then you answered your own question already. I use all FF products, and have to water with Epsom also every few weeks.
  11. lower your ph to about 6 to allow those micronutes to get sucked up. before doing that tho, you might want to try to flush witha gallon or two of a corrected ph water solution and then feed with a corrected nutrient solution.
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    Here's a simple answer. your plant is to young to be getting nutrients. You are causing the problem.

    I can't believe nobody has posted this yet.

    It's called nutrient lockout.

    Also you don't need to give you plant nutrients for a much longer time when you use fox farm soil. It is full of organic time release nutrients.

    Stop reading the bottles feeding guides. They lie.

    No nutes for 30 day MINIMUM. With ocean forest...longer.

    You need to flush, no question about it.

    Your first leaves are supposed to go yellow and fall off. You need to be taking clues for feeding off of the first fan leaves.

    I hate fox farm soil. They don't balance the nutrient levels in ANY bag. They just compost it and sell it. No concern. I fried my stuff for half a season because of it.

    Stay away from that stuff next time. Plus it's really more of a soil additive than something you plant directly into.

    If you're not watching your ph, you'll have problems as well. Make sure you are doing run off testing, or using indicator solution on small sample against a white surface.
  13. Wow, I am surprised you even got one response after a reply like that. So do you take everything you don't understand as disrespect?

    And a link is no help? You are so helpless that you can't even click on a link and read, you need your answers hand fed to you here?

    here is some advice. If you can't help yourself, no one else can help you.

    And damn, if you can't be respectful to others, well then all I can say is, Don't go away mad, just go away.
  14. So you ask a question because either you can't find or don't know the answer, in a forum made for asking questions. Then somebody who knows the answer posts a self advertising post instead of the answer which they obviously know.

    I see his point, as well as the other side, and the guy was just helping out by directing him to the information he requested.

    We should all look at this as an exercise is understanding different cultural values.:smoke:
  15. Lol, Self advertising for what? What did the replier gain by posting a link to his grow? He guided someone to a possible answer by leading them to his grow, in which he might have had a similar situation. Its not like sending someone to his grow journal benefits him in any way. If he gained some advantage then I could buy that reasoning. But since there is nothing to gain by having someone see your journal, then the OP is just being lazy and disrespectful, and wants the big red easy button, and not only wants the button, but wants it delivered, setup, and have someone press it for them.
  16. I don't know man, rep, credit, satisfaction of having others read your journal. I'm not saying that was the posters motivation, just a perspective that may or may not be.

    I know I feel annoyed when somebody does that to my posts. we ask question to learn. If you're going to take the time to post, just answer the question.
  17. I think haloxkitty was just trying to help as you did suggest in the thread "you don't know shit"!!!:rolleyes:
  18. epsom seemed to fix the plants, blotches going away.. and i dontknow who to respond to first, seemslike grasscity is filled with nothin but nerds eatin cheetos watchin their plants grow. everyone need to chime in to add their two cents about how i owe someone an apology? whatever, you guys are losers.. only posting trying to act like youknow everything under the damn sun.. and there wouldnt have been a problem if youjust said "nutes and epsom are fine together" or "no theyre not." you fags have to go to some assanine extreme to make you feel better about yalls pathetic lives.. yalls plants is prolly the closest youll ever come to a girl,lol... has better layout anyways. peace homos
  19. exactly bro.. i assumed this forum was a friendly place for people with similar interests to give feedback to one another... guess i was wrong.
  20. [quote name='Ripped Drifter']Agreed!

    You were given good, helpful info....but since the user didn't type everything out for you (like they've probably done 60 other times when this SAME question has been asked) you get offeneded/mad. That's a great way to climb the 'popularity ladder'.


    i keep posting because i keep reading somethign else that makes melaugh.. lol,popularity ladder? thats sad, your only friends are on the internet..:D

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