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Discussion in 'General' started by JRilla, Jul 6, 2004.

  1. Hehe. Im so bored right now, so im just taking random shit from my room and turning it into a bong or a bowl. Even though I have my metal pipe for tonights smoke, im gonna have some fun and make some stuff.

    So far, I made a little bowl from this:

    :D Hope it works, and dont melts, lol.

    What other household items should I use? Not a soda bottle or anything, I wanna just go random. :D

    Im thinking one of my Xbox controllers, that would be a cool ass pipe.
  2. hmm wierd pipes you could make..

    in highschool the handle bars of my bike was a pipe. pack the weed in one end, toke from the other. always needed someone to light it for you, but it was pretty sweet :D
  3. I just finished my newest homemade bong :) I used 2 powerade bottles, some fuel line, and silicone caulk to make it. I use my glass sherlock as the bowl for it. I was trying to make a bong that hits really, really smooth by making the smoke go through water twice, but instead it hits hard as fuck and it'll get you high in 1 hit(if you can manage to clear it in 1 hit!). I'll try to get some pics of it soon.

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