MagicEnt's Jock Horror Cabinet Grow (First Grow)

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    I have a 36x24x11 in. cabinet I've decided to use to grow some green. I love uppy sativa and decided to grow a NL mix for the ease of first time. I also have 6 bag seeds and 10 of the nirvana's indoor mix.

    The initial setup is not quite done yet. Here are a few pics:

    imgur: the simple image sharer
    imgur: the simple image sharer

    Good and bad: I found out I have a kick ass local hydroponics store with lots of friendly, knowledgeable people. They have a full line of Advanced Nutes. Sadly I did alot of purchasing online and thus have to wait for a few things (thermometer/ph meter/fans) but all should be here by Friday. If not I will go pick them up if I need them.

    I have 3 seeds germinating while I finish the set up in the next 2-3 days.

    I'll keep 2 females if I get them, just hoping for 1 to be honest.

    I plan to:
    -Refinish the sides (the white paint is scraping off when I move the shelf, I will use mylar or get a sealant for the paint)
    -Affix the surge protector and and additional one on the other side with screws.
    -Fix the light leakage.
    -Install 2 computer fans (on their way)
    -Drill 1/2" holes on the opposite side of the cabinet for air flow.

    I am looking for suggestions on how to fix the light leakage I am thinking about lining the sides with a thin but sturdy material around the cracks and on one side of the door to cover the seam down the middle.

    For the grow I have:
    Jungle Grow (grow-bloom-micro)
    And Sensi Grow Cal and Mag
    Coco and Peri-lite for the medium.

    I have six 23W CFLs (2 soft white and 4 daylight) I am thinking about only using 4 bulbs though. And am looking for suggestion.

    The first time through I am going to do seed to harvest and then hopefully get comfortable with cloning and such.

    Also for legal safety I haven't told anyone besides my brother and his friend (smoking buddies and co-sponsors of the grow) and my girlfriend. Do you guys use proxys when browsing/posting on GC? Do use any kind of encoding on photos or is there a particular way to upload them so they cannot be traced?
  2. looks like you've got a good plan worked out :)

    if yer worried about safety , pull your pics from that site and upload them directly to GC. There's a few threads around on using proxies and stripping exif id crap from yer pics if yer worried about it.

    only thing I can think to recommend is making sure you get your meter calibrated when it comes...maybe it comes with some calibration solution? I just got a new one yesterday and it was like .5 off right out of the box.
  3. Awesome thanks Bongsauce.

    Glad to have you read my thread, I've read alot of your advice from other posts and it has been very helpful.

    I'll re-upload my pictures in a few seconds after stripping the exif.

    And I forgot to pick up some calibration fluid but will go pick up some tomorrow when I get the reflective surface.
  4. Very interested in this thread. Im looking to grow some jock horror my next grow as well. Good luck.
  5. Update!

    The potential ladies are germ'ed and in pots. The first 2 seeds only took 2 days to get an inch long tap going. This was just out on a plate in my kitchen with temps around 60F. I moved the last one into my cabinet with a tupperware container and ~90F temperatures it sprouted quickly.

    I have a nice sprout on plant #1 and #2 isn't far behind. All three are getting their second watering tomorrow morning. I am following the Jungle Juice dosing guidelines and it seems like the plants are loving it.

    I encased the entire cabinet in mylar because the flat white paint chipped too easily. But the temps where almost reaching 100F with no air flow. I added on my PC fan and flow holes but that only brought the temps at canopy to around 87.

    I then removed some mylar and the temps are at a decent 82F with a deskfan blowing across the canopy. I have 4 22 cfl computer fans that I can add in at the moment but any other expenses will have to wait until late December. I believe that having to intake fans pointed over two uptake fans would probably push my temperatures down to the high 70s at minimum. The air at the bottom of my cabinet is a cool 75F and circulateing this air could make a huge difference.

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