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magicbutter machines is there a cheaper alternative ?

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by babyhurricaine, May 7, 2016.

  1. hi guys , i am researching the magic butter machine . looks good , looks safe and no need to be outside . no risk of explosions ? right ? ok so can i find a cheaper version and also something that is going to be purchased in the uk . well maybe ? I am looking at a soup maker , they look identical really surely that would do the job and i would save myself at least 300 pounds in money !

    anyways your views please would be very helpful .
    thanks :)
  2. What are you making that is an explosion risk? If you want cheaper try a crockpot. They work well.
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  3. Ah sorry yes . I am thinking of Making oil . With alcohol . :)
  4. Somebody else was using alcohol in their butter and those in the know said it would work well. I only used alcohol once- for the scientific version of cannabutter where you spray your freshly decarbed and slightly cooled cannabis with Everclear to start breakdown of the plant matter, then cook with butter. People who have the MBM are happy with it according to posts I have read. I now make tincture and do a solvent transfer. I can make more powerful, better tasting edibles that way, but your MBM will make the whole process to make the butter easier . Good luck, mate.
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  5. I think a soup maker would be a good alternative. Haven’t tried it yet
  6. Hello, Joker. Agree with your post but for one exception. I rendered more good pot useless with this damned machine than I care to admit. The principle seems sound but I’ve just been relentlessly snake bit in my effort. There’s numerous other owners with like impressions.

    My present preferred mode of ingestion now is simply grinding decarbed weed, capping it and adding a few drops of a good carrier oil. Prior to this, however, I found your extraction and transfer method much more efficient and controllable than attempts at typical oil infusions. Good call!
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  7. Small toaster oven = $20.00 (any oven will do and you still need one with a MBM)
    Small metal cat food dish = $2.00

    The biggest drawback with the MBM and similar devices is they need 2 cups of oil to run. My recipe needs 1 tablespoon of oil.
    With mine you get high on a few drops. With the MBM you need 2 tablespoons of oil for the same stone.


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