Magic Three day germination proccess

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by Druggerdude, Feb 24, 2004.

  1. I got two big peices of paper towel that were still together got em wet and put my seed in then but it in a ziplock tupperware that i painted the bottom black with shoe polish and put it below my bathroom sink after the first day i put a new batter in my flashlight and put it under the tupperware on and its one of those bog flashlights that a average tupperware thing could sit right on top of. and let it sit and after then next two days were up i got a 1ich root coming out.
  2. thats germinating not curing
  3. Ohh! shit im an idiot, but i smoked a bowl a big bowl at that of purple cush. can i get a mod here to fix that when i try it doesnt work.
  4. HIGH All, is that what you wanted????
  5. well 3 days to germ is kinda long

    i usually germ within 1 day and have the first set of leaves in 2

    but it depends on strain too :)
  6. i just plop my seeds in the ground some times it takes 2 to 3 weeks to germ...
  7. when i was germing my current batch i forgot about the bag/ wet paper towel thing i had going on when i checked the root was out of the seed coat and the leaves were damn near formed but pure white and the root was like 2 inches long.. i just jamed it in a rockwool cube and it took right off

  8. lol.... now that's classic
  9. By the way... would it be alright to germinate outdoors, or is that a really bad idea? I could germinate indoors in a pot it would just be extremely incovenient.

  10. thasts wot i thught...

    having said that i thought some seeds were ded so i put a second in.
    after about 2 weeks the supposidley ded seeds grew....

    i guess i need to isolate ones like this after a few days and use fome kind of method to make them open. (i know i read there is a way to do... i just cant rmember right now
  11. summut might eat it if u put it outside...
    i read a post on that the otherday.

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