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  1. on shrooms... idk how much you wnat to knwo about them but ill just tell youa bunch because there so good and i want to spread the good news abotu there goodness(idk, dont ask). Cubensis mushrooms shoudl be taken less of, as they are much stronger then the more common psylocibin shrooms. Id recomned about 2 grams of cubensis the first time or an eith of psylocibin shrooms. You shoudl tripp pretty good, one ocmmon myth about shrooms as that its justa strong high, theres some people that need a tun of shrooms to tripp, but for the most part if you take a common dose youll tripp for 2-12 hours depnding on how much you take and how your body reacts to them. YOU DONT NEED TO DRY THEM OR ANYTHING, INFACT ITS BETTER IF THEY ARE MOIST AND NEW. The dankness is thechemical, eat all of the plant, not just the stems or just the buds at the end. As far as cooking them, this drys them up and if you eat ulot with them that lessons their effect. My recomendation is to eithe rone, eat them strait with a drink of somethign sweet liek juice or milk or soda near by, or actuelly crush them up and put them in the drinK. yes, THEY TASTE LIKE SHIT. iNfact they taste so bad the first time i dropped them i puked and wasted liek 2 garms which was so shitty, so make sure you have a drink right there, and drink ulot. You can cook them, but it drys them out, i dont think its really possibel to chemiclly alter them, but you should NOT SMOKE THEM. soem peopel say it works, for most it will just ive youa headache and dull tripp. Have fun, but make sur eif its your first time tripping to have someone to talk you thrue any freak outs you have. aight? and usuelly they shoudl go for about 30 35 an 8th, depending on how good they are. I have osme right now that are bomb killa, purrple stems and shit which i bought for 35 an 8th. any other questiosn just ask
  2. No, if you leave them moist you need 10x as much to achieve the effect. Usually they are already dried by the grower... Cooking magic mushrooms has been rumored to decrease potency, but I think it's unknown whether or not it really does. They really don't taste that bad...the caps taste pretty good, just make sure you have something to down them with, preferrably orange juice or Vitamin C, it makes it kick in faster.
  3. wow idk about 10x more man, and vitamin c brings you down form shrooms so dont take to much vitamin c, yeha hes right though usuelly theyll be pretty dry, i guerntee you when you get them, theyll be fine to do
  4. thats cool. my b, i gueess i alwaysfigured the fresher the better, but i always get them all dry and shit so i guess i was wrong, my mistake sorry, vc does bring you down form a mushroom tripp
  5. The only reason it takes 10x more is because they dry to 1/10 of their wet weight on average. Shrooms are 90% water

    also, I had always heard that Vitamin C increase the oncoming of your trip, not brings you down

    but it doesnt matter because it does nither... has a bunch of threads on it
  6. "No, if you leave them moist you need 10x as much to achieve the effect"

    thats weight tho. not number of shrooms, just to clairfy. same number of dried/wet shrooms shud acchive same affect

    cos i found that confusing before
  7. yeah so i was right origannaly, i knew that shit was true, i just couldnt figur eout how he got that quote..but uh

    Please Read
    Dose; 10 - 20 grams per person.
    Consume on an empty stomach for maximum effect.
    Vitamin C can help reduce the effects, and bring you down if needed.

    thats foprm the site she gave us, i just clicked it trying to find prrof vc reduces shroom tripps, it does. i knewo i wasnt stupid, lol, peace

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