Magic Mushrooms

Discussion in 'General' started by CoolAidWrap, Sep 27, 2007.

  1. Hey GC i hope you guys can help me out. i found some mushrooms growing over where my old dog kennel was ( planny of disolved dog shit and the dogs that lived in there are barried there . i did my research and found that they look alot like Leucoagaricus leucothites shrooms .

    Heres some pics .. sorry bout the quality . ill explain the pics that look like shit


    Gills are not connected to the stem . the redish color is really brownish. there is a narrow ring around the stem

    all brown is from ageing i guess. it is peeling off from the outer inn.

    I know no one can tell me they are no dout about it magic . just some opinions before i eat one and see what happens lol :wave:

  2. I forget the scientific name... Too much smirnoff, haha. Well not really, Just enough to make me forget my shit...

    They are the Cyans. They're stronger than cubensis. They're also know as "flying saucers" because, obviously, the shape the cap.
  3. you probably won't find TOO much help around here, but definitely hit up this page:

    Shroomy - Spore Identification Section

    i guarentee they can help you. i love that site for a lot of things, so i'd stick around there if i were you. if you're looking to get into mushrooms (something i absolutely recommend) there's no better place to be.
  4. thanks :-] hope its magic lol i wana go to work n trip :D

    thanks agin
  5. If they are the mushrooms that grow randomly... THEY ARE NOT HALLUCINOGENIC MUSHROOMS, THEY ARE POISONOUS AS HELL

  6. Um, Not true at all. There are MANY wild magic mushroom clusters. I'm not sure that they are pan Cyans, but I'm fairly sure. Someone on the shroomery posted an identical pic, and it WAS Pan Cyans.

    But there are many look alikes, that ARE poisonous. I'd post that on the shroomery.

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