Magic Mushroom kit?

Discussion in 'General' started by b0nes, Sep 14, 2009.

  1. ok so i am just wondering who has ordered them and do they come discretely packed...and what are good sites to look at getting one.
  2. Big waste of money. You can go to lowes and spend $30 and get something that will work better
  3. ya but where would u get the syringe with the pores in them
  4. Go to you tube @ you'll find out how to do all yourself. So much cheaper. It can be done . Packageing is desceet also. I bought a spore syringe of hawian cubes for $10 through "The spore" It was in my mailbox # DAYS LATER!! Unreal! The rye method is best also. But you tube will show you all.
  5. as some of the above posts say, go to the hard ware store, Im currently doing shrooms, and Im only in to it 15.00 for the syringe. google the types of strains and different effects, then make your choice.

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