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  1. Anybody ever use this to grow shrooms [​IMG]

    It goes for $130.00. This would be my first time growing shrooms just wanted to know if anyone things this is worth the money. it looks dummy proof and i never grew shrooms before so thats why i think it would be good for me i guess.

    also anybody got any sugestions on what strain of spores to get ?

    how much shrooms can you get out of one syringe ?

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    DO NOT buy the kits unless you're a total idiot... What I mean by this is, they designed it for the total idiot.. It's much more economical and less risky to buy your own supplies.

    Based upon what I see comes in the kit, I don't see a single thing you couldn't replace with something way way cheaper and that you can find local...

    That's about $50 or less of supplies, yet they want $130.. Pleasssseeee

    EDIT: Your standard 10ml syringe leverage can vary.. You can do less holes on your jar and put int more inoculant for fast colonization of mycelium, or you can do more holes with less inoculant.. The more inoculant used on one jar the faster the colonization times

    I'd say you can inoculate about 10 jars from one syringe on average, and then you can case those jars and produce even more than those 10 jars would have.. The most economical way to produce inoculant is to make liquid culture rather than purchasing syringes for $15 bucks a pop... Liquid cultures also colonize much quicker

    Good luck buddy

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