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Magic Flight vs. Iolite

Discussion in 'Vaporizers' started by bongman88, May 13, 2010.

  1. good advice because although its more efficient thus get you a little higher, its way too hard to teach new people. Even when you think they got it, you see some black when its passed around/

    But if I wanna go anywhere I can grab a can and an iolite which without the proper accessories wouldn't be possible with the mflb because of the charging batteries which ultimately is a pain to deal with but oh so worth it.

  2. a few weeks ago i found myself in the exact situation. i taking a t-break right now and im about 7 days in and im planning on going another 15 more days. but yeah the iolite is amazing. i could just sit in my room and vape 3-4 bowls within an hour and be high as shit with no smell at all. i was spending way too much money on weed but the reason i bought it was because i wanted to smoke less. it is true that it helps conserve weed but at the time i still lacked self-control to not use it everyday.

  3. Fuck parties... who brings a vape to a party anyway? Parties are strictly spoons, joints, and blunts... everything else isnt worth losing in some tragic accident.
  4. I have a MFLB and I have never used an iolite, but let me say... I absolutally love the MFLB. It's about 95% stealth and gets you ripped off of like .2
  5. I doubt theres any vape thats "100 %" efficient as long as theres visible vapor but the magic flight comes close because of the way they designed it.

    Hitting up some dank in the box, raw dog, is something nice :smoke:

  6. There are a number of vaporizers that are far more efficient than the mflb.
  7. I'm just pointing out there's really no wasted vapor during operation of the magic flight and if you hold adequately, that includes any wasted during the exhale because most vapes give bigger hits that are harder to completely absorb. And I never said they were the best or other vapes aren't as or more efficient but small easily absorbed hits is where the launch box shines in my eyes.

  8. hmm. never thought of it like that. i always just assumed that big vapor clouds were always better. very interesting point. i have an iolite and absolutely love it but IMO there both excellent portable vapes. just buy which ever one you think will work the best for you

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