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  1. so i recently bought a da buddha vaporizer and absolutely love it but as we know it lacks on the potability side. so i was looking for a vape to use on the go maybe in my car or out fishing or who knows but anyway i was looking to get a MFLB but i was a little worried about how any tokes i can get out of the batteries and was wondering if the iolite was a better vape. what do you guys think. also i will be attending a university next year so smell and noise may be a small issue but nothing i shouldn't be able to cover up
  2. I own a magic flight and i'm lucky enough that a friend who lives virtually next door who I sesh with most days has an Iolite. They're both amazing vapes but for your needs, if you're willing to spend the extra money, the Iolite will definitely be a better choice. The batteries (in my experience) simply won't last you for if you're out for a few hours and definitely won't last a fishing trip. The best thing about the Iolite is you can just bring a can of butane with you and you can use it as much as you want.
    Also i'm of the opinion that the Iolite provides better flavour and also gets the job done quicker and more efficiently, but that's just me!
    Whichever one you go for your won't be disappointed but for your needs I think the Iolite would be the best option.
  3. I think I will go with the iolite but does anyone know how long one full "iolite gas tank" last? Meaning one full butane fill up

  4. about an hour.

    it really depends on how clean your shit is.

    i had an iolite and thatshit is the fucking bomb

    best smoking device i have ever owned.

    but just a warning:
    but thats why i had to sell it. it was too easy and too convenient ( i used to straight up do it in class) and i just ended up getting so stoned for so long that i wasn't like functioning properly and i was just constantly baked..and being sober was weird. but that was a while ago, my self control has gone up since. just some words of warning
  5. Alright, well last night I vaped out of an Iolite, and I was fucking gone to world! Completely stoned off of my ass! Here are some questions I had on the iolite over the mflb

    -Does the mflb get you the same "results" as the iolite (Also to put in consideration was that I took a huge tolerance break and last night was the first time I have smoked in about a month in a half. I also took mad hits off of the iolite)

    -How much $ is butane usually, and how long does it last?

    -I have also heard that the iolite has a lot of dysfunctional units, melting parts, broken parts ect.

    -What kind of warranty do you get with the iolite.

    -Also, how was the shipping like?

  6. MFLB for sure.
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    i used mine a lot before it started working iffy but thats my fault and the warranty process is going smooth so far. ive used it walkign around campus and in the bathrooms many times, it does give off a faint marijuana odor though so its kidna ballsy to use in class. i pass it off as an E-cigarette to anyone who questions it and ive never had a problem getting stoned with it in the smokign areas on my college campus
    i hope i helped
  8. i have used and was going to get an iolite till i was introduced to the mflb on here i gave the iolite a try at my buddys got me baked but then my other buddy got a mflb and wow did it do the trick and more you can see your hit easy you can see how you color changes from good to dead you can buy a shit load more batteries for like 25 and it comes with a second charger
  9. you can get baked off 1 battery
  10. The magic flight is the shit, much more portable, iolite won't fit in your pocket. You could fit 15 magic flights in your pocket. Do some googling and buy some expensive rechargable higher voltage batteries like all the other vapor-heads do and you won't have a problem.

  11. Erm, the Iolite definitely fits into pockets...My friend keeps his, inside its case in his pocket and it doesn't bulge or anything...
  12. mflb is so tiny, no $ to spend, no noise,no odor, get 8 batterys and always keep 4 on you. thats 4 trench's for a fishing trip. save 100 too and buy some dank
  13. Launch Box if you're going to be using it solo.
    Iolite if you're going to be sharing it with friends.
  14. MFLB is so much better then iolite.

  15. Not in a party situation.
  16. Definetly MFLB. I know people who have each, and we always take the MFLB over the IOlite. Having to carry butane is a pain in the ass, and the solution for the MFLB battery issue is to just carry around more batteries. My friend has 6 batteries so they're always ready to go.
  17. [ame=]YouTube - Iolite for a real life sesh[/ame]

    prolly just skip too 1:40
  18. I got the butane that iolite recommends (called vector) and it fixed my igniting problems, my iolite works fine now
  19. Just get a vapor genie man there the best for dorms, Im a Sophomore and toke up in my dorm everyday and no one knows
  20. I recently got a MFLB and tested it by smoking a trench worth in the same room with a non-smoker. She barely noticed any smell and, what smell there was, didn't smell much like ganj.

    Did the same thing with my bong (16 arms of percolation and a carbon filter) and she said it didn't smell bad unless I blew it directly at her.

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