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  1. I've been wanting to start vaping but I don't want something that I have to plug in and my questions are is it a good vape and how would I go about getting new batteries once the old ones burn out?
  2. MFLB batteries are rechargeable but they just released a power adapter that costs 60 dollars I think. No waiting at all, it's just like the batteries but a controlled temp and what have you
  3. Do you think the adapter is worth it or the batteries are fine?
  4. i have had the adapter for a few months now and I love it.
    everyone loves it.
  5. for $160 its better to get an at home vape to be honest.
    Da Buddha costs about that shipped I think on ebay and it only takes 2 minutes to heat up and you can vape all day.
  6. It takes like 20 hits off a mflb to even feel a buzz.
  7. I was looming at Da Buddha but it's the stealthiness I like about the LB because my parents know I smoke but I don't wanna take advantage of that so I'm lookin for something I can set up and smoke quickly.
  8. Usually half a trench on the MFLB has me shit faced.... with only about 5 hits... about .15 grams...

  9. if you need something that can work on call, the vapor is going to be of a lesser quality than an at home vape.

    But it looks like the MFLB, Iolite, Vapor Genie are your best bets on this one.
  10. Damn i was thinking about getting an mflb but tbird turned me off
  11. lol obviously he's not using it right and he's just wasting his weed. don't listen to him
  12. His was the first bad oppinon in the mflb ive ever seen so i should of took that ionto consideration. Thanks ebay has some cheap ones so ima get one :smoking:
  13. been smoking joints and spliffs , and occasionally blunts for years. got my MFLB a month ago. i think its the greatest thing ever once you learn how to use it properly.
  14. I'd only ever smoked joints/spliffs all my life, received my MFLB today. I read the instructions for use on vaporpedia, it was super simple, no learning curve, and was pretty high after half a trench. I'd recommend it, it'll save you loads of weed if conservation is an issue, and it's stealthy as hell.
  15. no learning curve?
    lol you'll be pissed in a week when it stops running hot
    From my experience, every new LB for the first week its like a PA built it.
  16. I don't have my LB yet (why can't things move during the weekend?!), but would that not be a battery issue? But I do agree with you in that it's ridiculous to say there's no learning curve.

  17. WRONG. It take YOU 20 hits off an MFLB to feel a buzz. For the VAST majority that know how to use it correctly, it takes a WHOLE bunch less to get a buzz.

    Don't let that happen. He is in the minority. Most users get buzzed from around 5 hits or less.

    Be careful. Many of the Ebay sellers erase the serial numbers off the units and if you buy one of those, the excellent lifetime replacement warranty is null and void.
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    Just out of curiosity why do they erase it?

  19. good question. unless the lb is counterfeit, the only thing I can think of is that the seller wants to remove all traceability for some reason.
  20. That serial number is attached to your name, address, and all sorts of other information.

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