Magic flight launch box?

Discussion in 'General' started by Jordan21, Oct 11, 2010.

  1. I want a vaporizer and i made another thread asking about whether i should get one or not. And i have decided that if im getting one its going to be the magic flight launch box and i was wondering whats a good website to get it on and for people who have got it, is it worth it.
  2. I have a launch box and a $40 whip gaps from eBay. And I would choose the whip vape over the launch box any day. I find that it takes at least twice as much bud with the launch box to get me equally as high

  3. I just got mine on Saturday due to a fellow blade's recommendation.

    I think its pretty nice and I'm enjoying it. The only thing I can say about it is:

    1. It gives a different type of high compared to burning it
    2. Its really small and easily fits in your pocket
    3. Has a lifetime warranty
    4. Doesn't make a sound
    5. Comes with everything you need to start (assuming you get the full package deal w/ batteries and charger

    With all that said, I think its a great choice for someone like myself. I'm an old school stoner who typically likes to smoke in the evenings by myself (or with another). No need to get blasted out of my mind (but I guess I could if I hit it more than a few times). No need to smoke up 10 heads or anything.

    I'm happy with it. Does what its supposed to do and I don't have to sneak away to get high since it doesn't smell up the house.

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