Magic Flight Launch Box- Yes or No

Discussion in 'Vaporizers' started by xenith, Jan 22, 2010.

  1. Thinking about ordering one of these. What does everyone think of them? I've heard a couple people mention puffing on it in public. Also how does it work? Does it just heat when you start pulling it? Thanks all.
  2. the warmup is only like 4-6 seconds.

    mine should be coming in tmorrow! ive only heqrad good things
  3. YEs you will love it. Best portable.
  4. Order it. You won't regret it.
    Lifetime warranty. You can't go wrong.
  5. Theres no on/off switch. It starts heating up as soon as the battery is locked into place. Its ready to hit in 4 seconds, it comes with 2 batteries and other stuff.

    Its EXTREMELY small and you will freak once you hold it in your hand. The only thing I would reccomend is to buy a 15 minute charger with extra batteries that are over 2500NiMH, because if you get their charger its about 8 hours for a full charge.
    Plus if anything(even minor shit) is wrong with it, they will up and send you another one!

    I cant wait to get one!
  6. Without doubt, yes.

  7. i got mine in the mail today. be on the lookout for a review, i hope to use it often this weekend. heres a size comparison for you though.... this is the unit itself next to a mountain dew cap.

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  8. YES! I just got mine last week and i've taken hits in a lecture hall with people 5ft away from me. If you get the technique down(don't draw too slow or too fast), then you'll be hitting like a champ. Plus, it uses less weed than smoking!
  9. yes but get a 15min charger because the battery's don't last long
  10. just used it for the first time and yes, get it.
  11. Yes, I own one and love it.
  12. does it get you as high as other vapes do?
  13. ALL vapes will get you equally as high. It's just that some will get you there quicker than others.

    edit: Temp settings can affect the "kind" of high that you get.
  14. i just got mine today, and haven't gotten to use it yet, because i have a busy schedule till 11 tonight, but after that i'm breaking it in.

    one thing i noticed though is i bought some energizer rechargable batteries, and even after stripping them they are tough to fit in the LB vs. the ones that come with it. not really sure why though.
  15. Simple answer, as everyone else said, Yes.

  16. Energizers are quite snug in my MFLB too. Some batteries just fit better than others.

    To vote, I say yes. I too think its one of the better portable vapes.

    But, like everyone else has said, I think an aftermarket charger (Energizer 15-minute is a favorite) is a MUST. One battery in the box lasts about ONE bowl/5 minutes of continuous use. The charger that comes with it takes 8 hours to charge a battery, which is cool I suppose if you're disciplined to charge your batteries every night and/or only plan on using it for a bowl or two a day, but for most (like me) the 15-minute charger makes it worth while.

    Also, do NOT buy one expecting the same experience as other "non-portable" vaporizers, like Da Buddah, SSV, Extreme, or Volcano. Think of it as like... playing Halo on a road trip; its still Halo, but no flat screen or surround sound.
  17. just recieved my LB, i am impressed and was freakin when i saw how small it is!

    my glass is going to be collecting dust until it gets warm and i can open the windows!

    i would be higher right now but i only have 2 charged batteries, well 1 now i was stoned earlier, and i bought the kit without the 8 hour charger because i knew i would want the 15-minute charger so why not save the 10 bucks. i am gonna go to best buy tomorrow and pick one up.

    A++ product!! i love it! and i think the smell was very little compared to smoking a bowl.
  18. Mind telling me how the taste is?

  19. really?how much r they?

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