Magic Flight Launch Box Vs Pinnacle Pro

Discussion in 'Vaporizers' started by Arturo Abreu, Jul 17, 2014.

  1. Hi, I'm really in into vaping, I have a Snoop Dogg Micro G but I'm not getting that experience of vaping that I've read on internet so I'm really up to buy a better vaporizer so I'm trying to decide between the Magic Flight Launch box and the Pinnacle pro, I have not find any videos about it so I would like to hear your opinions about it and the pro a cons about each one.
    Thank you.

  2. maybe skip those two and get a Da Vinci vaporizer?  :laughing:
  3. I have the MFLB and it is really consistent if you have fresh batteries. The only downside of it is that it can be hard to clean after extended use, and it is as consistent as its battery supply. But I have had mine for two years now and it is still going strong and they have lifetime warranty. 
  4. I find if you clean it after every trench, it stays pretty clean.

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  5. Most pieces (smoking and vape) require iso, which is a bitch to find around here. The fact that you can keep the mflb pretty clean by just a bit of brushing and the occasional battery treatment was a relief for me. Depending on how you treat your box and how many times you vape, you could easily keep it clean with a brush each time you use it, battery deep clean once in a month or 2 months, and an iso treatment 1 or 2 times a year.
    (I'm in the light weight category, heavy users will have a different regime)
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    WTF??  No video's?  :confused_2:

    What is wrong with some of you guys?    A lot of you come in here and say that they did a bunch of research on a particular vape but couldn't find anything but when I google them, there are multiple pages of links to the very vape that they say they couldn't find anything on.
    Kinda like this guy who said he couldn't find any vids on the MFLB or Pinnacle but when I went to youtube, there are multiple pages of videos on both these vapes.
    I don't get it? 
  7. I got my iso on amazon mate.
    99.9% think it was a tenner

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  8. Yo, don't be stupid I meant 1 video comparing both vapes with their pro and cons. 
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    Yo.  Don't be stupid.  You didn't say that you couldn't find any video "comparing the two" so why in the hell should I assume that is what you meant.   
    How 'bout you watch videos on each one and come up with the pros and cons that are important to YOU so that you can do your own comparison.    YO, DON'T BE STUPID !!    A pro to you could be a con to someone else and visa versa. 
    But since you're too damn lazy to do that and too damn lazy to google, how 'bout I do a google search for you where the very first link is a comparison between the MFLB and the Pinnacle:
    There are 24 posts in that thread JUST dealing with the comparisons between the MFLB and the Pinnacle which is a helluva lot more information than you're going to get here in a week.
    Now do you want me to post up the actual link from google too or can you find the energy to do that yourself?   Damn.............
    Edit:   To everyone else.   Sorry for the rant guys, but this shit is just getting ridiculous.    Guy want's to be spoon fed and when he's called on it, he tells me I'm stupid which the gif above kinda fits perfectly.
  10. MFLB gets you pretty high, but the batteries are expensive if they break. It's hard to replace paying 5$ per battery. Sucks :/
  11. Wow 5 whole dollars? Now that's a lot of money...

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    I have reviews on my site of both the Pinnacle Pro and the MFLB. I personally would go with the MFLB. the Pinnacle Pro will give you much cloudier hits, but it won't taste as good or be as cool as the MFLB. I would say this is because of the plastic build, while on the other hand the MFLB has great build quality,  with wood and metal.
  13. Mflb gives good hits,very affordable,stealth,great customer service that will replace your box for freeincluding shipping if there's something wrong, very short heating time and low maintenance.  I suggest get a mflb package that usually comes  with a cheap grinder and extra batteries and a finishing grinder and you're set. prob cost you 150 tops. 
  14. I too tried the Snoop Micro G and found it disappointing. I later bought a MFLB and instantly loved it - it's very effective and stealthy!
  15. 10$ for a pair of batteries directly from Magic Flight is not that much. Consider the fact that the batteries are custom made for the MFLB and operate way better than replacements from a battery store and its actually a great deal.

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  16. Personally, I would go with the MFLB. I think it is a better vaporizer. Before I bought my MFLB I looked at the PP and decided to go with the former, and I love it and have never looked back.
  17. The only thing that is really wrong with the pinnacle is the plastic and the companies basic refusal to admit the plastic is a problem (although there is talk about a metal unit soon). Even in posts they make about making changes to avoid melting mouth pieces and cracked units they still stand by their plastic being ok and safe. I personally find it very hard to believe that the pinnacle is safe for use and they only recently stepped up their support for the product(warranty) because of the bad publicity going towards the baker vaporizer. For multiple reasons I just see vapor blunt as a company worth avoiding.

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