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Magic Flight Launch Box vs Iolite

Discussion in 'Vaporizers' started by Blunt, Sep 24, 2011.

  1. I think I'm going with the Magic Flight Launch Box but I just wanted everyone elses input first.
  2. I never tried the mflb but I used to have a iolite and it was crap. I didn't like it but I'm more partial to actually smoking and not vaping. Plus I think the mflb is like 100 bucks cheaper then the iolite.
  3. The majority will say the MFLB.

    I have one, and I like it. I've never tried the Iolite though so I can't really give a good comparison.

    I like the idea of using rechargable batteries rather than butane. And after you get used to using the box, you'll be able to get hits right in the temp that you want. I like to get thick hits, so I let it warm up a little more than normal. It's a good investment.
  4. I own a iolite and I used it like 5 times. It scares the shit out of me it makes so much noise and I never feel like it's working. So go with the magic flight
  5. id go for the mflb, i dont really like how iolite runs on butane plus the product itself isn't that great to begin with
  6. Check out the Wispr, it's the new version of the Iolite and fixes a lot of the problems, like the noise and heat.
    I personally preferred the Iolite over the MFLB, I liked the taste and size of hits I got out of the Iolite to the MFLB.
    but yeah, check out the Wispr, it looks awesome.
  7. Well I just picked up a Magic Flight Launch Box and I'm charging the batteries as I type.

    The only question I have left is; Do you think Magic Flight will still honor their lifetime warranty even though I bought it from a store in New York?

    Thanks everyone, I'm off to get vaked and walk around Times Square.
  8. I wouldn't see why not. From what I've heard, they have great customer service, so I'd worry not friend. Enjoy, and welcome to the owner's club.

  9. The igniter on my iolite just broke. Now I have a 200$ paper weight so yeah buy a mflb
  10. Feels nice. :smoking:
  11. id go with the box,thats the decision i made a couple weeks ago and i couldnt be happier.
    its so much simpler and easier to use than the iolite,and its completely silent unlike the iolite.
    did i also mention it comes with a lifetime warranty.

    my only complaint with the box is that its kinda easy to combust.ive done it 3 times so far though and only have a small black stain on the screen, you know what though even if combusting does ruin my box i guess that's what the lifetime warranty is for;)
  12. Just grabbed a mflb yesterday myself. Works ridiculously fast. I definitely like it, especially for the price.

    I agree with what's said above though about combustion. Really have to be careful to not hold the battery in longer than 5 seconds. Especially after a few hits.
  13. How long does it take to vape an entire trench? Ordering one tonight
  14. i vape a trench in about 10 mins but thats taking back to back hits until its done.
  15. [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3O90MwsVuaE]Iolite vaporizer though bong. - YouTube[/ame]

    iolite > MFLB
  16. please explain how that video proves that the iolite is better than the mflb.

    having used the iolite more than 7 times and owning the MFLB i cant see how anyone can think the iolite is a better portable vape than the MFLB.
  17. I much prefer the taste and hit from an Iolite to an MFLB, also the Iolite vape poo is nicer quality, it's more compact (you don't need to carry a stem and batteries everywhere with you). The MFLB also gets dirtier quicker than the Iolite (the MFLB stem I found got clogged so fast) and the Iolite is totally discrete to look at, whereas you can see the herb chamber with an MFLB.
  18. This is why I bought Iolite instead of Magic Lunch Box.


  19. Except most of that post is inaccurate. You don't need the stem to use a mflb. And it is much more compact than the iolite. Even the wispr.
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    Sorry but mflb is the better vaporizer. MFLB is manufactured in USA, has lifetime warranty and doesn't use butane. The taste from using the mflb is the same as smelling your bud. As for the bong -

    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BfIIKQuPuJc]MFLB with WPA and pedestal bong(battery) - YouTube[/ame]

    Good luck on your decision. I've owned the mflb for 5 months now and just bought the power adapter and save the batteries when I'm camping. I haven't cleaned it other than brushing it out with the little brush provided. The stem is easy to clean when it needs it lol. I found that comment along with the iolite is more discreet because you can't see the weed is funny. No one would ever think your vaping weed with an iolite lol (sarcasm) Its been awesome!

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