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Discussion in 'Vaporizers' started by smoke_a_bowl, May 25, 2010.

  1. whats up fellow blades?
    i come to the city with question today^. What do u think would be better Magic flight or inline bub.the issues. 1st i have a budget of 100 and the ONLY reason it is that high is because thats how much the MFLB is. i also need it to be very easily concealable (still with parents). also need it to not smell very much . so obviously all these things point toward the MFLB , but idk i find myself hesitating on spending 100 bucks on a box 1/3 the size of my hand. the problem i am having with the inline bub is i haven't yet been able to find very many at all for under 100. only the weedstar connector(sherlock arm) and inline percs connected together. i also want it to be slits and not holes. am i asking for to much in my price range? so i guess what im saying is that the MFLB is really what fits for me perfectly , but i need some reassuring that the product is really everything its talked up to be. also i have never vaped except for in a home made lightbulb. so is there very much of a difference really in the high?
    thanks blades and sorry if this sounds all confused i had 5 mins to type it!
  2. inline bubbler isn't a good idea if your with parents still, go with the MFLB because there's literally no smell.
  3. You won't get a nice inline for 100 and if you're trying to be subtle the MFLB is definitely the best choice.
  4. can't go wrong with the MFLB, amazing warranty and service, and if stealth is your game then this IS the right choice!
  5. Your basically asking vapor vs. Smoke.

    Launch Box hands down, especially in your situation. Just make sure to carefully read the instructions so you don't accidently burn it(which will smell).
  6. Not to mention I recently had my friend rip my bubbler when I was in my kitchen and I could hear it bubble/clear from downstairs.

    Vaporizers are as stealth as it gets. Hide the hose and the unit will blend right in with a group of electronics beside it. I keep mine next to my speakers and computer tower.
  7. yea it seems like it is the more appropriate choice for me but there's something so sick about an inline ha. does the MFLB smell at all? i mean like the actual unit itself? so do all above agree that its definitely worth the steep cost?
    thanks for the feedback so far!:hello:
  8. They will not smell as long as you do not run the temperature too high, at which point you will know. You gotta worry about the bud itself more because high quality dank stinks up the room, the vapor is fine. :D
  9. LOL what? The LB is the cheapest unit of quality that you'll find.

    Since there's no bad smoke or tar, the vapor will not smell and the vaporizer will not smell. It's best to hold the vapor in your lungs until nothing is exhaled, it will not only get you higher(unlike smoke) but since there's no bad smoke or tar, holding it in won't hurt you and no slightly smelly vapor in the air.
    As long as you don't burn it, it won't smell, just crack a window if your paranoid.

  10. this guy knows what hes talking about :smoke:

  11. Fixed.
  12. hahaaha owned! so im 95% sure that im going MFLB. do u think a grinder is necessary? i have a shitty plastic one , but im sure that wouldn't cut it if it is a necessity.
  13. I have found that the finer its ground the better it holds up in the vape. I suggest getting a nice grinder with smaller holes in the top stage.
  14. Plastic grinders can be dangerous, and so can some metal grinders if they start shaving pieces of the material off when you grind your herb.

    Get a 2 piece quality grinder, like a Space Case. Or at the very least a Mendo Mulcher 2 piece. Space case is THE best brand though and will last a lifetime.

    When you vaporize(especially with the MF LB) you need to use very fine ground herb. It might be possibly to cut it this fine with scissors but a GOOD grinder will do it much better much faster.
  15. My vapor brothers vape does smell, but only in my room. I don't even need a towel by my door. I keep my window open. But with your lunch box, I think you should be just fine. I've heard of them having close to or no smell at all!
  16. with the box being so small do the hits feel hot?
  17. lol, its not a damn lunch box man its a LAUNCH box. The box doesn't get hot unless you leave the battery in for too long in which case you will be producing smoke not vapor. After using it you will figure out how to draw in order to produce the best quality hit.

    Oh and OP, i would definitely suggest getting the MFLB i own a nice bub and use my box over it all the time. It's very convenient
  18. The hits feel a bit warm near your toungue, but using the longer stem helps a bit. You can fuck up your Launch Box if you let it get too hot before a hit or by not taking the battery out as soon as a hit is done.
  19. Yeah, truth be told I've got a nice selection of glass to pick from but I'll vape instead any day of the week

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