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magic flight launch box smell

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by lopeturtle, Oct 1, 2010.

  1. if i vape some pretty dank weed in my room with no windows or doors open, but a fan on, will there be any smell?
  2. for a couple minutes maybe. As long as you don't combust your bud, it won't really smell.
  3. shouldnt be too bad. just light some incense
  4. incense is not an option. would it work if i just blew the vapor into like a article of clothing?
  5. your an idiot:devious:
  6. You cant combust the bud in the magic flight launch box, works like a charm and doesnt smell like anything :bongin: Have fun ! :smoke:
  7. I've been using a MFLB to vape a lot in a seriously nonsmoking apartment building where our manager is Ilsa, She Wolf of the SS, and nobody has noticed a thing.:)
  8. that does work I used to do that in high school and in my dorm room. bunch up a towel or 2 cotton shirts and blow into them slowly. no smell, but it will get your clothes
    i did it with pipe hits so vapor should work even better.
  9. Blow the smoke into a spoof and your guarented to smell fresh everyttime.
  10. the best way to go is ventilation of some kind, but seeing as you cant do that just be absolutely sure by using a sploof, and then spraying ozium or febreze or somethin like that
  11. I use mine in my office all day, have for about a month and some now, no one notices, so i have concluded, there is no smell, and if there is, it disperses into the air so well, its only in a very small area around the person using it
  12. No, after the first few minutes there wont' be any smell. But before that, the smell will only be very slight. If you are totally freaking out about the smell, USE THE SEARCH BUTTON and search for "sploof"
  13. I also use it in an office all the time, no worries. You need to be more concerned about the skunky smell of your weed in your bag than the vapor from the MFLB. seriously! And even if someone smelled the vapor it won't be obvious to most what it is. very herby (like oregeno,thyme, etc.) type of smell but not strong.

  14. this is can easily combust in the mflb if you leave the battery in to long, but to the op, grab a tp roll, shove 4 dryer sheets in it, blow vapor through tp roll and your good to go
  15. Bro it will smell I gotta vape my danks outside. Not worth getting caught. It won't smell you up just the area.
  16. i found that my blanket works really good for breathing into... virtually no smell when i do it like that.

    also, i think an even smarter move is to jsut keep your door open to allow fresh air, the smell if any will disperse rather quickly with the door open, and it wont smell as bad with fressh air coming in, liek this it only takes a few minutes to air the room out. really easy to do and if someone is coming hid it under the blanket or on your person.

    also, what i like to do since its like invisible i take a hit go to the bathroom and piss and exhale, and then hit it again while i nthe bathroom and then blow out i nthe hallway or i "look" for food downstairs or whatever, its not noticeable visually at all.
  17. get a scented candle, sit in your bed, and blow it under your covers. Anyone says anything about the smell just say its the candle but there shouldn't be much smell because it'll all be under your covers. Then afterwords if you're still worried about smell open your door and turn on the fan.

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