Magic Flight Launch Box questions!

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  1. Im very interested in the MFLB, I want super stealth with NO smell and QUICK and simple. I haven't smoked very much, about 6 moths ago I did on and off about two to three times week for a couple months. Other than that that is about it, I love to be high but it always seemed like such a hassle because I still live at home and was always paranoid that I smelled like weed. Basically I want these questions answered! Thanks!

    - What does the vapor smell like?
    - If I load the little guy and carry it in my pocket will it smell like weed?
    - Will I be able to Vape somewhere then someone not okay with marijuana go in that room a few minutes later and not be able to smell anything?
    - Will my breath smell like weed?
    - Does any normal non rechargeable AA work?
    - Can one hit get a beginner high?
    - Will the unit smell like weed after vaping if not cleaned well?

    Thanks! -Bob Vance
  2. 1. The vapor really doesn't smell all that much, any smell that exists is gone within 2 minutes
    2.there will be no smell, you're all good
    3.YES, you can do that perfectly. I've vaped in the same room as multiple family members—worked fine.
    4.your breath will not smell
    5. NO, the only batteries that work with the mflb are *NiMH* rechargeable batteries
    6. beginner high?
    7. There is a slight smell to the box after vaping, it doesn't necessarily smell like weed, tho.

    The 'box is great, you really should get it—it's worth every penny. Hope I helped.
  3. Beginner as in someone who hasn't smoked that long. High as in the state you're in after smoking.

    Depends on the bud you have, if you take a big enough hit with good bud for sure 1 hit would be good.

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