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magic flight launch box batteries

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Darnoc, May 14, 2010.

  1. anyone know where i can get the batterys/charger cheap online?

    also would be better if the websites canadian
  2. no sorry dude. i dont even know what the launchbox is.
  3. its a vaape
  4. I didn't have the best luck finding batteries for mine some of them just don't fit quite right. but the duracell 2650 rechargeables work great I bought a set that came with 8 batts and the rapid charger at bb for 30some bucks but poke around online and see what you come up with.
  5. The Sanyo enloop batteries that are shipped with it are very good, but I just picked up a set of four Energizers in a cool recharger with a digital display at wal-mart for $20.

    They're 2300ma too, which I think is a bit higher than the 2000ma sanyos.

    Hopefully they'll work as well. Haven't tried them yet.
  6. Tokin I bought those energizers and they wouldn't work at all so that's when I tried out the duracells

    OP Fuckcombustion is a pretty reliable forum if that's what you were asking.
  7. The duracells have a bunch of bad reviews at Amazons. A lot of people seem to be saying that a few they bought won't hold a charge, while the other batteries they have are fine.

    I think NYCDiesel said you should buy 2500 mAh in another thread. Does anyone know if they work with 2700? They have the best reviews for longer lasting performance.

    I can't seem to get on fuckcombustion, I'm having a problem with my login. What are good chargers to use? rapid or slow? any ideas?

    I'm gonna poke around at radio shack just to get some of these questions answered. And keep trying to get my account straightened out at In the mean time what do you suggest?


  8. Slow chargers are best for the batteries.
  9. You can use batteries 2000mAh or higher.

    I just found out from another thread.

  10. I figured it out to be at least 2650 mAh, but now I see that the Sanyos that it comes with are way better quality then any of these energizer or duracell. You must be able to take off the peel/cover withoutt it being glued on, that's the hard part IMO.
    For me the 2 it comes with is fine.
  11. I just bought 2 3200mah NIMH batteries.. any chance this will burn the herb?

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