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Discussion in 'Vaporizers' started by Marrijane420, Oct 31, 2010.

  1. There’s a lot in question right now around Magic Flight and their “lifetime warranty.” Their choice to stay silent on the issue is pissing off more than a few of their “lifetime fans...”

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  2. Oh no! I didn't know about this! I love mine and have never had a problem with it...I wanted to get one as a Hanukkah present for a friend.
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  3. I know this post is dead, but is the power adapter worth it or should I just buy new batteries?
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    Absolutely worth it to buy the power adapter. If you can find the 2.0(a lot of shops around here still sell them rather than the newer 2.1,) you’ll probably have to spend about $20 more, $70-80 instead of $50-60, but it still has a lifetime warranty, whereas the 2.1 only has a 90 day.

    But they’re very good about customer service, even given the current questions which are mostly around changes to their legalese. Basically don’t abuse the warranty system and if something of theirs breaks on you they’ll most likely replace it with little to no question(though there is a process.)

    I would highly suggest getting them as Chanukah gifts. Check out their current holiday deal. A maple box, PLUS the original Muad Dib(the Power Adapter is a must have for the Muad Dib,) plus batteries and all the normal stuff, plus a finishing grinder, and an Orbiter, for $200.

    I paid $120 for my Launch Box with batteries, $120(more like $140 after shipping) for my Muad Dib from the Magic Flight Site(though that came with a PA, so it worked out to being a decent deal,) over $110 for my Orbiter after shipping, and $25 for my Finishing Grinder. I spent $415 just on that stuff. Plus $80 on a PA 2.0 before I got the one that came with my Muad Dib. This is a great deal.

    But you gotta hurry. I think that sale ends today. I’m glad I caught the recent posts. You can get what I paid $260 for, for $120. Throw in another $60 for a PA and you’ve got a vape for life, or a Chanukah gift that would make me VERY happy.

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  5. Well, you could always spend 20 bucks and make one yourself :D
  6. Um.

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  7. It's very easy to make a MFLB yourself. The parts cost about 15 bucks all together without the tools. I actually made mine at the community center here in my town. They had the tools already and I just went in there and knocked it out. You can get plans for them to tell you exactly what to do and everything.

    I believe if you go to a forum like fuckcombustion, you can find a thread where there are a ton of people doing just that. Putting their own vapes together.

    You can get the entire setup for 80 bucks on ebay as well. Last black friday, you could get them for 45 bucks. I was lucky enough to find a boundless cfx for 50 bucks on black friday.
  8. This is why Magic Flight is destroying their lifetime warranty, which will most likely end in their bankruptcy. People like you are why decent people can’t have nice things...

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  9. Dusted off one of my launch boxes a couple of weeks ago and have been enjoying it with the power adapter and a new way to draw sparing the lungs... So decided to dust off this ancient thread that i must have posted in years ago too.

    Believe i heard the company Blissville or whatever went out of biz maybe 2 yrs ago or more but the products were still around... haven't done a search as the 2 i have are working fine...

    Curious if anyone else is living in the stone age like me and using the MFLB still.
  10. I use one and other than the POS 2.1 Power Adapter, I love it.
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  11. Curious what your complaints are about the power adapter other than it is clumsy to have to plug in... that and the "control" isn't one you can set with any accuracy... i resisted buying the adapter for years but caved maybe 2 yrs ago... haven't used the rechargeable batteries once since... but the adapter is cumbersome...
  12. I'm on my 5th or 6th replacement in just over a year. I love the box, but the 2.1 PA is junk!
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    I had no idea they were that faulty... also i don't know which model mine is but i did buy it maybe 2 or 3 yrs ago... guess i need to try and find the purchase info and see if the invoice shows the model... there was a period of a couple of years i didn't use it as i was using oil mostly and smoking small bowls for extra punch when needed.... also took some vacations from using over that time.

    Edit-- Did some checking and find the newer 3.0 that is an entirely different beast apparently... was it the wall power adapter that keeps crapping out on you? that's only $10 but so many times adds up and a lot of bother...
  14. Oh my...

    New to the MFLB club. it sure beats the sh1t out of my crappy pen vape. I am in love. Flying after a trench. And so much better/cleaner than smoking.

    I should’ve discovered vaping years ago LOL :vaping:
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