Magic Flight Launch Box appreciation club!

Discussion in 'Vaporizers' started by Marrijane420, Oct 31, 2010.

  1. Here you may talk about everything MFLB and even just some funny stories with the box! enjooy! :smoke:
  2. So how about those Giants?
  3. hahaha:p
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    love my mflb... nuff said :hippie: <<ill be back down later
  5. Heyyy im gonna get one soon! Heard so many good reviews about it, couldn't help but pick that over the portablility and the lifetime guarantee. Can anyone tell me the best amount of grinded weed to put in it? The website says like 0.1 gram but I was a little bit sceptical of how 0.1 gram can get me as high as a 0.5 joint
  6. nahh don't listen to that website. Grind up your herb well but you dont need to make it to a powder. Also, i usually like to put about .3 of bud in the trench of the MFLB and about 8 hits of that gets me prettty lifted.
  7. ya man! i love mine also! :) isnt it the best when you have a fresh trench and a fresh battery? :smoke:
  8. thats what i think about when i want to be happy. a nice new trench of dank and a battery just taken out of the thing ever.:yummy:
  9. if you can believe it, i can get about 20 good sessions with 1 gram. (i use dankk tho so it takes less)
  10. Haha do you mind elaborating on "sessions" as in how many of those "15 second, slow draws" and how much do you put in the trench for each session? 20 sessions is alot..considering 1g / 20 sessions = 0.05g per session..which is like verrrrryyy little amount of weed
  11. sure man. ight so i grind up my bud so its nice a fluffy(not a powder, but pretty fine) and yea i prolly use about .05 per sesh. each .05 trench, i take about 10 looong drags. to hit the mflb i like to pull a hit for like 15-20 seconds shaking bud around briefly every couple seconds. this gets me stoned as shit for a while. (btw, i store my vaped bud in a container and smoke it when im running low on dank. vaped bud still gets you high when smoked. i also use the vaped for edibles!) :hello:
  12. Whoever said they put .3 in their trench must be lying or really stoned, I don't believe you could even fit that much in. A full trench is around .1 and it works best if you only fill up 2/3 or 3/4 of the way. IF you got great weed, you can easily get high as heck with .1 or less
  13. Haha thanks mflb and chicagobud, right now i'm just trying to imagine how 0.05g looks like, thats like..nothing..
  14. I just ordered my MFLB, I'm hella pumped. Not sure if i can wait!:smoke:
  15. Just got mine yesterday and I already love it. :hello:
  16. [​IMG]




    figure i'd add some pics..text doesn't do it for me:rolleyes:
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  17. I love mine, 2 grams seem to last forever with it. I would recommend it to anyone.
  18. Hahaha my bad man, i was really stoned when i posted that comment:smoke: but.. i wasnt lying. It fits .3 okay maybe like .2 at the local headshop where i purchased the MFLB the owner said he owns one and says to put about .3 of finely ground bud. I`m not sure but i am just going by what i heard.
  19. Thank you sir for the fantastic pictures! :) alsoo, people always say grind it up so its like a powder. I say hell no! hah, I put in in like yours. Just a tad grinded and still gets me lifftedd:smoke:
  20. Had mine for months now, hands-down one of the best investments I've ever made.

    It's pretty damn amazing when you can get lifted off some nice dank with only .1g bowls...3 or 4 hits would have me nice and toasted when I first got it.

    What I'm wondering, is how can I "soak" the whole thing in a solution that would clean the area underneath the screen? Looking in there with a flashlight, looks like some serious resiny type buildup is going on below the screen on the wood. I've used some 99% ISO to clean the screen a little bit with a swab, but would like to find something I could just "dunk" the whole thing into for a good overnight soak without ruining the wood. I'm thinking Grunge-off is rather "organic" and shouldn't be too harsh.

    Anyone try soaking their MFLB before?

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