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magic flight and smell ?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by lopeturtle, Jan 30, 2011.

  1. i have a question about the mflb and smell. so i have one right now, and i want to vape a couple trenches...problem is i dont have any windows open. i have a central fan in my room on the highest speed right now. would i be able to open up my grinder, put bud in the mflb, and vape (ghosting hits) without there being smell? ALL while the fan is on btw
  2. From what I understand, MFLBs dont give off any smell, so you should be safe.
  3. Yeah. One time i vaped in my room (small room) with door closed and window closed. Asked mom to come in and see if she smells anything, and she said she doesnt (knows i smoke and can smell it on my jacket even after like hours)

    Today I vaped with my window closed and door OPEN, while mom and grandma where downstairs.. and they couldnt smell anything.

    It probably smells a tiny bit (hardly noticeable) after a few trenches. but it would go away in like 2-3 minutes :D

  4. By the way ampeddd, I have to tell you, I ordered the MFLB on friday because I kept seeing threads pop up where you say the most amazing stuff about it. +rep
  5. Haha thanks :) I just have to spread the word with threads asking about what to do to stealth toke and so on, because the MFLB is perfect for it.

    Just make sure you read the instructions on how to hit it, because if you leave the battery in or hardly inhale you run the small risk of combustion, which can smell obviously because its smoke. Basically just make sure you are vaporizing from it :D

    It's very easy though, i thought it would be harder... but its basically the learning curve of a pipe.
  6. I JUST ORDERED A MFLB LITERALLY TWO MINUTES AGO! I can't wait till it arrives, ampedd you got me so pumped up about the MFLB I had to get one
  7. Good to know :smoke:

    Hopefully you will enjoy it as much as I do.

  8. haha i think he makes everyone pumped about it..
  9. if anything the grinder/bud would smell up the room not the vapeing
  10. bahah true that man
  11. Practically no smell unless you start burning the weed. That's how my parents found out I was getting high in the house!
    Lol I remember my moms reaction, "Something smells like skunk down here"
    Then there came my Step dad and little sister haha
  12. Damn bro i gotta get one of these. I would love to smoke in the house other than the shower. Ill probly get one when i get my check later this month.
  13. picking up a mflb on the 5th same with a new downstem and pre cooler on my bong
  14. im upgrading from my vapor genie things good but wastes to much lighter getting it from my local pipe shop that i support

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