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Magic Bullet and Weed???

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by coolstorybro, May 27, 2010.

  1. Sorry for making another topic so soon, I didn't realize you couldn't change the title of a thread.

    Anyway, I was wondering if anyone has ever used a Magic Bullet to grind up weed? How did it work? What cup/blade should I use to get a good consistency?

    Reason I ask this is that I was in need of a grinder, (stupid post office guy is probably grinding maryjane with my grinder right now XD) and was looking around the kitchen and found a Magic Bullet no one ever uses. Pretty sweet. So yeah, please someone enlighten me on this. Happy smoking!

    Oh yes, and I'm trying to roll a joint.
  2. yo just use a pill crusher haha, i would think that alot of the bud thats grinded in the magic bullet will be hard to get out

  3. Can you post an example of one?
  4. A couple of my friends and I used to grind up anywhere from a quarter to a half-o in a Magic Bullet and then scrape the sides for kif... never failed to produce an ungodly amount of super-potent concentrate. A massive bowl of that stuff straight to your brain and you're in outer space for at least an hour or two.

    So, as a grinder, it works great, but sometimes TOO good. Be careful or you'll end up with powdered weed. I suggest using the four-bladed attachment and doing a few quick pulses for nice, fluffy ground herb.
  5. Go with the 2 blade one (think its called the whipping one) 2 or 3 quick pulses and it should be great. Also decent sized small paint brush works very well to collect all the kief.
  6. It should work just fine. alot of people use coffee grinders so this should work the same
  7. yea the bullet works like magic
    my friend bought it just for weed
  8. Two things here

    #1. Finely ground up weed works very well in an MFLB. Outer space indeed. Fucking Pluto.

    #2. I really want to see one of you guys do a hilarious infomercial parody using one of these things.

    "Got seeds and stems? No problem for the ganja bullet!"

  9. so i just grinded up an ounce in my nutribullet, i used the 2 blade attachment and the weed ended up very finely grounded, as long as your blender is bone dry when you use it most of the weed will come out of the blender, however stuck behind is usually bits of kief, bud and crystals that are hard to get out, to extract the rest i put water in the blender and then filtered out the water using coffee filters, leaving a majority of kief and small bud one the filter, you should let this dry out. the filtered water will be much clearer than before, it will look like clean water with no residue but it will be of a slight green tinge, this means there are microscopic THC crystals still left in the water, so small they passed thru the filters, to get extract these you must use a boil off method in which you boil the water slowly untill all that is left is residue, the residue will be brown and smell strong, scrape these up and condense it into a ball, what you have if pure THC crystals, compact and ready to use, its really sticky and smells potent as fuck, i yielded a 5mm ball of this stuff.

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