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Discussion in 'Cannabis Breeding' started by BredForMeds, Jan 24, 2014.

  1. just wondering if anyone here knows anything about MAGIC BUD.. 
    I traded a friend.. for 50 seeds of magic bud.. he had bought 100 bulk.. and then only took him 50 seeds to find wat he was looking for..  about 6 years ago now..
    but I haven't been able to really find out.. what the hell magic bud is... everything  I see says a perfect blend of indica and sativa..  then seedfinder says its Victory x Unknown Strain.  but I doubt that because that site is just full of misinformation..
    just popped some a few months ago.. and found a few nice phenos.. and i have a male.. i just wanted to know lineage before i start working on a new strain..
    been pollen chucking and or breeding for years.. and i don't like to use strains i have no clue what they are.  i like my descriptions to be DEAD ON!


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