MAG: mmo for PS3

Discussion in 'Gamer's Heartbeat' started by BLAZEDED, Jul 31, 2008.

  1. Did anyone hear about this, it was talked about at E3. 256 players online... on PS3, no launch date announced yet but its lookin pretty sweet. Its a war game, your in a squad of 8, and as you progress the ranks you become commander and take control of 7 n00bs. Looks like it has potential... even though the name is totally ridiculous. (stands for Massive Action Game)
  2. haha!, obviously a name in the works. So, teams of 8 with 256 total? So 32 teams fight at once? damn..
  3. yeah, name better be changed before launch. hope the servers handle it.
  4. Warning. Extreme 360 fanboy entering the base. Warning.
  5. 256 people in a shooter sounds like way too many
  6. XD sounds like someone beat me before I could find something to flame about :smoking:
  7. lol@^
    i dont think it will be too much if they make the maps big enough and design them appropriately. It would obviously suck if there was just 200 people randomly running around killing each other. I think the spawn system will play a big part and it will probably be more tactical to keep the chaos of 250 players just charging at each other and shooting down.

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