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  1. Can anyone recommend any good Italian Mafia films? I'm obviously a big fan of the Godfather movies, and I liked Martin Scorsese's Goodfellas as well. I'm sure there are some other good ones along these lines.

  2. reservior dogs - pulp fictoin
  3. Casino?
    Scarface and Carlito's Way are good, but not Italian. Try the Sopranos, if you watch whole seasons at a time it's like watching a movie.
    Try finding a copy of the godfather book and give it a read, as good as the films are, the book is 5 times better.
    Donnie Brasco is pretty good, anything with Pacino really.
    If you wanna go classic, Marlon Brando in On The Waterfront, "I could of been a contender."

  4. Thanks, I've seen them though. I'm a huge Tarantino fan... but I was thinking more Italian/5 Families/New York kind of mafia.

    Thanks for all the suggestions... these seem right up my alley. I've seen Scarface but it's been a while so I need to watch it again. And I've been meaning to watch the Sopranos. Funny that you should mention the Godfather book.... I just bought it a few days ago and I'm about to start reading it.
  5. mobsters is good about charlie "lucky" luciano and his crew and how they came to power
  6. If you're looking to watch something new, I just saw a really great movie about John Gotti's early years in the New York Mafia titled "At the Sinatra Club". The film was written by legendary author Salvatore Polisi, who besides being the former right hand man of John Gotti, was also one of the first crime family members to defect from the Mafia and turn State's evidence against John Gotti and the Mafia. I got the film at Redbox last night after my co-worker told me he really enjoyed watching it, and I have to say I would absolutely recommend it!"
  7. Being Italian, you grow up with this sort of thing. Check out "Once Upon a Time in America."
  8. Dang all the suggestions I wanted to make have been said already.

    Millers Crossing is pretty good, it's a Cohen Brothers movie though, you have to like their style of filmmaking.

    The Departed, Irish mob instead of Italians, still a good movie.

    White Heat - "MADE IT MA! TOP OF THE WORLD!"
  9. dude i watched every episode of the sopranos like 3-4 times... best tv shop evaaaaaaar
  10. departed, donnie brasco, casino, once upon a time in america (long i believe it's 3hrs+ good movie though) i'm sure there are a few more i'm forgetting. Scarface of course, watch that shit again. I can never get enough of that movie.
  11. A Bronx Tale
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    Kill The Irishman... Its about an Irish guy who worked for the Italian mob and then got tired of working for them and tried to take over their stuff. Its based on a real dude, Danny Greene.

    Edit: Just noticed this was a two year old thread and ComicSerpent hasn't been online here in a year.
  13. if your looking for a laugh with it try watching Analyze That. Great movie but it prob is not as "mafia" as you want :)
  14. A few recs: Mean Streets, Little Caesar, and The Public Enemy.
  15. I have one Jane Austen's Mafia
  16. Good Fellas its got Robert De Niro and Joe Pesci
  17. judging movies based on trailers? never a good idea!
  18. Casino

    First time I watched Casino, didn't care for it much, but I watched it around a second time and loved it. Robert De Niro is a boss.
  19. Casino for sure......
  20. how about American Me ... gangster flick about the Mexican Mafia.

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